Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lemon - Dietlind Wolf

Happy hump day! How is everyone doing? I have some delicious photos to share with you on this lovely midweek day. If anybody is having one of those weeks I hope these bring a bright spot in your day.

This amazing styling is by the super talented visual designer and propstylist,  Dietlind Wolf! How I admire her brilliant talent. I adore this concept, and I am blown away by the thought that must go into coming up with something so beautiful. Or, I wonder if she is one of those people where ideas just flow through her head quite easily. Either way she comes up with some gorgeous concepts.

I like the restrain in choice of colors. I like how she stuck to black, white and yellow.  Absolutely gorgeous, right? You can find see more gorgeous styling on her site.

(Images: concept and styled by Dietlind Wolf, Photography Julia Hoersch)

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