Monday, October 29, 2012

An Angel Has Risen

Last night, my sweet, beautiful friend made the transition to heaven. My friend Patricia Hipp, was funny, spunky, witty, oh, so witty, but what I loved and admired the most about her was her wonderful heart. She was a sweet soul beyond describing, she had the biggest heart of anyone I've met. We all have a purpose in life, and I truly believe that her purpose was to shine a bright light onto peoples lives she came across.
She'd been sick for a long time now, and though her chances seemed slim to none I couldn't think of the possibility of losing her, so I stayed an optimist fool.
My last conversation with her was perfect, I was lucky enough to tell her exactly how I felt about her, without knowing that that would be our last conversation. Somewhere in the back of my head I did think that it was a possibility, and knew that I had to tell her everything I felt about her in case this was my last chance. I apologized for not being the superb friend she deserved, I told her over and over again how much I loved her, and begged her to keep fighting as she had to stick around, so we can do all those things we planned. She told me not to worry and that she will keep fighting, because she had to see me graduate and come visit her nieces. She asked several times if I was okay, because of the long pauses as I tried very hard not to completely loose it on the other end of the phone. That was the kind of person she was, always caring for people.
I miss my friend, my sister! I am happy I met her first week of college in the Couch towers. I look back at all the silly, happy, sad, and most of all loving memories I have with her, and I can't believe she wont' be here to share more. She won't be here the way I want her to, at least. But knowing my friend, I know she is looking down on me and telling me everything is going to be okay.
I can say that I am one of the lucky few who got to meet an angel on earth!

(Image: Alicia Bock)

Zara Home Collection

So this has been one of those posts that I couldn't decide if I should, what I should say, etc. I love Zara, from clothes to accessories, so nobody could have been anymore excited than me when I first read about their home collection coming state side. However, it wasn't love at first sight. I felt a bit , okay a lot disappointed that I didn't like it as much, because I thought I'd be swept off my feet. Plus this is my beloved Zara, how could I not be filling up my cart already! So I kept going back looking to see if there is something I'm missing. I should mention that I instantly fell for the kids' collection. I found it to be very colorful, cheery yet stylish. What finally convinced me is their catalogue, perhaps it helped me get it. I think I just didn't get it, therefor I wasn't feeling it.  The styling is gorgeous and very Zara. It's stylish, rustic and has an old world charm to it - it's very European country chic.

I always love this type of styling, feels very organic, as if everything fell into place without any effort. I've said it before, I think styling is such a powerful tool and a hard one to master. It looks so easy, but you have to have a special eye, and talent to arrange things in a way that communicates a feeling or statement that resonates. 

My eyes can't help but zoom into that gorgeous chandelier, reminds me of the intricate rose windows found in gothic churches. I love the different colored glass crystals. I bet they cast a gorgeous shadow. 

I love the gold/brass accents, they have a very glamourous feel to them, but not over the top...just like what a Zara fan would expect. In typical Zara fashion I find their collection to be very unique. The price points are great, and these not the same things you find at every other store.

This arrangement here to me is everything - it is perfection.

I instantly fell in love with the kids' collection, and can you blame me! I love the use of bright colors, and fun images, and they all have a vintage feel - like it was passed down from generation to generation.

So the verdict: I love love the new home collection a la Zara! I encourage you to take a look if you already haven't. I say it is a perfect Monday morning activity :-).

Were you as excited as me about the Zara home collection? Did it live up to expectation, exceed? What are you really about it?

Have a great Monday!

(Images: Zara Home)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Weekend

Hello everyone! Having a lovely Fall weekend I hope! I captured some beautiful moments through my camera that I'd like to share with you. As I type my little one Zahra is sitting on me and pulling everything on my face. :-). It was a beautiful easy going weekend, spending quality time with my girls, working on crafts and play doh, it was exactly what I needed.

We also went to the pumpkin patch and got some pumpkins. The girls are so into Halloween especially Jalika, and I can't help but get the holiday spirit.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

(Images: Fatou Bah)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Design

Today, I thought we'll venture a bit out of our usual topics. I thought we'll talk a bit about commercial design, more specifically healthcare. Doesn't sound very exciting does it? There is actually a lot of exciting design going on in healthcare. I have decided that hospitality design is the direction I want to take, but I still toy with the idea of healthcare. I think good design is all about bringing comfort to the people who inhabit the spaces. We've come to expect it in our homes, design is so accessible now, and it allows people to flex their design muscles. In institutional design and healthcare good design is not necessarily expected. Think of those tiny rooms you sit in waiting for your doctor, I've never felt good sitting in there waiting. Your automatic reaction is, I hope the doctor comes in and out so I can be out of here. So it's exciting for me seeing spaces designed with the well being of its' recipients in mind. I can't think of a place more deserving of good, and thoughtful design than in a healthcare facity. People utilizing these spaces are already sick, why not make it a calming environment that is soothing, rather than one that brings discomfort.
This suspended cube sitting area at the Kaleida Health, Gates Vascular Institute, is brilliant! Such a stunning architectural feature.
Photo by: Bjorg Magnea Architectural & Interior Photography
Kaleida Health, Gates Vascular Institute
Photo by: Bjorg Magnea Architectural & Interior Photography

Seeing the winners of the 2012 Healthcare Environment Award in Contract magazine was thrilling and inspiring for me. These hospitals could be mistaken for some high tech company in Silicon Valley. This for me reaffirms how important good design is, it's not frivolous and we need it more than some realize. It add to the quality of life, you don't realize how interior design till you live in a place where the layout or materials chosen aren't working properly.  If you read this blog I'm sure you probably believe the same thing.

A lovely week to you!

(Images: Contract Magazine)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Friday

Hello everyone! Oh I have neglected this little place, and I'm sorry. I'll get back to regular blogging soon. Too much going on in my head, too much clutter for inspiration to come. How has your week being? I did want to stop by and wish you a very happy Friday! Isn't the transformation of the room above by adding simple decorative touches amazing?! I love it.

(Images: Elle Interior)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nature's Dance

Hello everyone! How have you all been doing? Its been quiet on the blog this week, its been a difficult week for me. I have a dear friend who has been severely sick and the sadness from it has been overwhelming. I am a crier, but I cried so much this week that I surprised myself. Today, I went for a walk on the trail by our house with my family, and it was much needed. It was a beautiful, cloudy, Fall morning, the trees were glowing with all the beautiful fiery colors of Fall. At one point the wind was blowing the leaves off the ground, they were swirling around us, there was something so magical about it.....I called it nature's dance. I hope you've had a beautiful week.

(Images: Fatou Bah)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lovely Sweet William Illustrations

Yesterday evening, I sat outside my house while J played with neighborhood kids, they were squealing with joy, running around, riding their scooters and bicycles. The Fall wind blowing golden orange leaves off the trees, which made a soothing whistling sound. I sat drinking a cup of tea and going through the illustrations by Lovely Sweet Wiliam. I saw their beautiful illustrations in a way I hadn't before. It could have been the moment, but there was a sudden emotional connection I felt to them.

I absolutely love it! I love the color palette, it has a romantic quality, the blue and the pink balloons says to me, lovers encouraging each other to go for the impossible. I hear her telling him to follow her to places others can only dream about. :-)

This one made me chuckle as I sat there with my cup of tea. Tea really does make everything better.

"This is of a woman chasing after something that is beautiful." Now that I can relate to - simply beautiful!
I hope you like these as much as I do. You can find plenty more of their beautiful illustrations here. Have a beautiful Sunday!

PS: I am going to the Home and Garden Expo today, and I am so excited about all the wonderful things I'll be seeing today! I hope to learn something new, and be inspired! I have my iPhone with me so pictures shall be taken and shared.

(Images: Lovely Sweet William)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

30Inspired Turns 1!

I can't believe that a year of me blogging has already gone by! It was such a scary journey to start for me, I was filled with self doubt, and anxiety. I knew that there are thousands of great blogs out there, being curated by amazingly talented individuals. I was worried about not having the ability to curate a blog interesting enough, let alone to inspire people, since that was part of my goal. I knew that I too had something to say, a different perspective, but I wasn't sure if it was good enough. I worried about being judged, even though I am my harshest critic. I sat on this idea for two years before taking the leap.
If only I knew all the great things this blog would add to my life - I would have done it the minute I thought about it. When I finally took the leap it felt like I didn't have a choice. I needed a creative outlet, badly. I started this blog to share my ideas and inspirations, to share beautiful and clever designs around the world. To inspire people to try something new, and to start something to force me to stay creative. This little blog did all that and more. I am still giddy about seeing a viewer from a new country stopping by. I am humbled by the fact that there are people who choose to visit my corner of the web on a daily basis, especially when the options are endless.
I thank you all, for choosing to visit me and listen to what I have to say. I thank you wonderful people who take that additional time to send me a message letting me know what a post means to you.
You have been essential in this journey. A year later, I am more confident about my abilities and okay with simply being myself. Sometimes I can't believe how far I've come, and how less critical I am of myself. I have a long way to go, but I've come a long way too. Here is to another year of 30Inspired!

(Images: Geronimo)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Floral Wallpaper

Today I get an email from Wallpaper Collective and the word floral instantly got my attention.  You all know how much I love floral patterns. I had to take a peek, and what a delightful little collection. They have that chic grandma/British feel to them. The designer of these beautiful wallpapers is Camilla Meijer, a Swedish born designer/illustrator now based in London. It all made sense after reading that, as looking at these wallpapers, I was reminded of Josef Frank patterns, and the British style florals. I like how peppy, and bold they are... definitely not for everybody.

What do you think?

(Images: Wallpaper Collective

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Roundup of Beautiful 2013 Calendars

It seems crazy to be already planning for 2013, but it is right around the corner. I can't believe how fast another year has flown by. I have a bit of a thing for beautiful calendars with whimsy - I like whimsy in anything. I've been searching for calendars on Etsy, simply because it is filled with talented creatives with unique items you can't find anywhere else. After coming upon so many beautiful ones, I decided to narrow it down to my top favorites, and share them with you guys. Thats right, I am here to help and inspire :-).

Andreka Photography

A Life Through The Lens

Posh Girl Boutique

Violet May
I like the single sheet calendars that can later be framed, or pinned up as wall art. They also lend flexibility in display. You can be creative with how you choose to showcase them. They can be placed  in a display stand that you can change with each new month, arrange them in a collage on a board above your desk, hang them like a banner on a string, etc. I plan to get one to hang with spray painted clothspin. I'm thinking spray painting the pins a nice metallic gold/brass - add a little glam to time.

Simple Shapes

These dry erase wall decals are pretty cool and practical. It's nice to be able to have it at various scales that allows you to write on the wall without damaging the actual wall. The seller also works with customers on custom orders.

Eye Poetry Photography

Eye Poetry Photography

Eye Poetry Photography
This calendar is filled with stunning photos from around the world. I know all my fellow wanderlust sufferers can appreciate this one.

Speaking of time, it hit me like a thud on my head that this Saturday, 30Inspired turns 1!!! Holy Molly where has time gone.

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