Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friends, Food, and Family

Happy Sunday!! Are you having a lovely weekend? It's Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. For all you who have the long weekend, I hope you have a great one! This weekend a dear friend had a surprise birthday that we went to last night. It was at one of the coolest bar/lounges I've ever been to. They had a killer terrace (didn't get photos of it, sadly). The inside was an industrial, midcentury, cool modern success. It was a super cool chill place, perfect for a gathering of friends.

This was the cutest lamb cake and it was even more delicious!

I am always amazed at how getting out and hanging out with good friends, lifts the spirit. Each time I do these things I am reminded of how these meaningful connections enrich our life. For me especially as a homebody it can be a chore to get out of my little nest. I am comfortable, I like my nice quiet time with my family. But every once in a while having good friends over, to laugh at silly stories, exchange ideas, or go out and do the same does wonders for the soul.

This morning I woke up craving some good music while I made our Sunday breakfast. My older daughter now always asks for pancakes every Sunday, and my mixed berry sauce has to be made. Now its' to a point she'll tell me make sure my plate has two strawberries, two blueberries and two raspberries. I find it adorable and heartwarming. I sometimes can't believe that I have a family of my own, and to top it off even our own family traditions. I was Instagram happy too (one of the side effects of good music) so took pics of our breakfast. It was yummy too. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope yours too is filled with much love and happiness!

(Images: Fatou Bah)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

French Connection: New Home Collection

Soft, soothing colors have been on my radar lately. I've been drawn to beautiful pastels, soft greys, and warm whites, which is weird for this time of year, because I tend to be all about the bright oranges, pinks, and yellows. So imagine my delight when I came across French Connection's new home collection, filled with beautiful neutrals, and I couldn't help but zone in on the greys. I love French Connection cloths, so no surprise that I would love their home collection too, but I think I might like their home stuff more. Their color palette is really working for me.

I love the touch of rustic and industrial in their pieces. Everything is so simple and understated, and by no means boring.

I really really want this white washed mango base! I can see it in my home.


Their lighting is very easily my favorite out of their home collection.
See anything you like?

(Images: French Connection)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Alma's Room

Hello, hello!!! Long time no "see". I have to say I have missed blogging, and I feel terrible about the long absences. At this point I sound like a broken radio with why am always gone. But it's true, school, school, and more school, that's what's up in my world. What is going on with you? How have you been?
The long absences, and non stop stress, headaches and very little sleep are all worth it though. I am doing really well in school. I've had a few of my projects archived, which basically means that your project is so good the instructor keeps it to show CIDA the organization that accredits our school. The school has to show that their students are learning the appropriate curriculum, and they show the best of the best student work to proof it. To say that I am honored and even a little surprised is an understatement. It is so rewarding and above all such a great confirmation that I am doing what I'm meant to do, that this is more than love, but I actually have talent for it.

One of my projects that I'm really excited about is a group one, (gasp) just two people in a group though, and I am excited about my team mate. I think we'll work great together and it will be nice bouncing off ideas to each other. We have two rooms to design, one for teenager who's a recluse and another for two little girls. I won't bore you with the details but my brain is already reeling. Three more weeks before summer starts. I can't wait! As much as I love what I'm doing can't wait for this quarter to be over, enjoy the summer with my family relaxing and taking it a bit easy.

These gorgeous images are from Alma's Room. A Danish lifestyle company with "a focus on developing and finding functional and aesthetic products for the discerning consumer who wishes to furnish their home with soul and sophistication" . The bird ceramic lights are designed by Amy Adams of Perch Design, the cool hanging clocks are by Lukas Peet, and the bowls are by Milia Seyppel. I am loving the ceramic bird lights. Gorgeous, no? I love the soft color palette in all these pieces.

If you've been reading my blog for sometime now, I'd like to hear from you. Blogging most of the time can feel like talking to a vacuum and I can't help but feel like is there a point to all this. But the answer that quickly comes up is YES! I love blogging, i love the idea of sharing what i know and what i love, and knowing that there are people out there who can relate to it, or might I even say get inspired :-). I would love to know my readers more, I appreciate everyone who's taken the time to say hello, and offer their kinds words and thoughts! But I'm greedy people I'd like to hear from more of you, get to know more of you out there. :-)

(Images: Alma's Room)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy, Cheery, Kitchens!

Anyone up for some very cozy, cheery, some might even say girly kitchens? I was researching something else, and got sidetracked by these sweet spaces. It appealed to my very girly sensibility.

This week or for the next two weeks I'm designing for a client who has a very modern taste, clean lines, masculine, and he has two long haired cats. It has been fun and a great learning experience. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I like my frilly stuff so this is somewhat new territory. Oh I should say this is not a real client but a made up one for class :-). Any who, I have come across some amazing cutting edge designs that I have to say I quite like. I'll maybe share some of the pieces I've picked for my guy. I decided not to go the traditional everything dark route, I've decided that he likes modern, luxury, and colorful pieces. Okay enough about that.

How are you doing? What has your week been like? Any fun plans for the weekend you'd like to share? I'd love to hear.

(Images: LivingEtc.)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Market

In this day of every planned moment, it is nice to have days were you are able to just go with the flow. The best spontaneous moments happen when you allow your self to go with the flow of the day. After taking my older daughter to her dance class we were driving home and going back and forth on what we should do/where to go. Hubby came up with taking a trip to the Saturday Market. It was so much fun, it was a bit cloudy and cold but that didn't stop people from coming out. There was a joyful vibe in the air, that I find at Saturday markets for some reason. I captured a few photos, I didn't want to get too involved in the photo and miss out on the fun of it all. Nor did I want to be the annoying girl constantly snapping photos. :-)

I hope whatever you did today brought you much joy. I had a lot of laughs with the kids running around in the park and snacking on yummy pastries.

(Images: Fatou Bah)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet Vintage Home

I have a weak spot for soft feminine spaces. I am unashamedly a girly girl, who loves pinks, soft blues, yellows, flowers, floral patterns, all of that. I love vintage and the frilly vintage really gives my heart little happy skips. This charming holiday home is utterly adorable with it's soft color palette and sweet floral patterns. 

I always love the combination of white, pink, and turquoise, throw in some yellow and its perfection. Charming home this is. 

(Images: Style at home)

Pink Paved Streets

The other day on our way to our favorite Thai restaurant, we parked on this street that I absolutely adore. It is a mixed neighborhood of old and new homes. Lined with old gorgeous trees that have the most amazing colors of pink in the spring. The street was lined with pink blossoms, and I had to stop and just capture that moment. Going through my phone just now, I realize, like most precious photos we take these too will probably just sit in my phone. I did't want that to be their fate. I find them gorgeous and a bit dreamy - I want to share them with you.

How wonderful it would be to have paved streets lined with pink blossoms. I think everyone would have a happier day walking the streets. :-)

(Images: Fatou Bah)

Lonny Magazine

Have you seen the current issue of Lonny Magazine? I was struck by how fresh and modern it felt. I noticed that the spaces featured weren't the typical spring colors. There were a lot of white spaces with natural wood, metals etc. I want to share some of the spaces that caught my eye, and what I'm really liking about them.

Probably one of my favorites in this issue is this gorgeous living room with different design features going on. Loving that navy blue(?) wall, the white sofa, pops of orange and yellow. The blue rug looks so tactile and gives a feeling of movement that naturally grounds the room.

That is the nicest mirror I've seen in the longest time. I really have to find out where one can find this. Or this could be a fun DIY challenge. Hmmm...I have a design idea brewing for my girls bathroom and this mirror, in a bigger size will be perfection with what I'm thinking.

I was picking up on this color combination of white, natural wood and some blacks. I always like this color combination. This achromatic scheme almost always works, especially when you add natural materials and textures like they did here. Notice that basket, how cool is that?

That display above the stove is gorgeous and clever. I imagine though the owners may not cook a lot or they are very careful cooks. :-). I can't imagine having something like this in my kitchen, it will be ruined in a day. Looks wise it works, function, not so much.

My eyes are immediately going to that gorgeous striped rug! I so want a black and white striped rug, but I cannot rationalize having it with two small children. It will be a ruined with food stains, crayons and all kinds of questionable stains in a day. The great thing about stripes is that they wake up a room in an instant. It's a great way to bring a modern touch to a room, plus it never goes out of style.

I know and love a good jewelry display when I see one, and this is one!

Can we talk about black walls for a second? I mean when done right it is so spectacular, and they did it right in this dining room. It is a tricky color and so hard to pull off, I think lighting in the space is key to making it work. I really would like to someday try it in a space of my own, my husband says when we buy a big house, and I have a room that only I will be using. :-).  I am patiently waiting for my good fortune.

What spaces or elements are you liking? Plans for the weekend?  I have a movie date with hubby - a much needed date. I hope to finish school work tomorrow so I can have a whole day of doing whatever I and the kids want.  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

(Images: Lonny Magazine)