Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Hello everyone! Are you excited about Friday? I am! One of those weeks where I was really looking forward to Friday rolling around. Yay to a nice long weekend too. For my readers in the US it's Labor Day weekend. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend, wheher, in the US or not - long weekend or not :-).

A happy Friday to you all!

(Image: Source unknown - please if you know where it's from do let me know.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photography: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

I can feel the end of summer lurking in the corner, and I have to say its bitter sweet. I can tell that summer is coming to an end not only because the days are getting shorter, and the sighting of the random browning of leaves. But I also find my nesting instincts kicking in, I am already thinking about bringing in cozy knitted blankets, and cuddling up with a nice cup of tea after a soul comforting dinner. For me, as a true cancer sign for who everything revolves around the home.  I love welcoming fall as much as I hate saying goodbye to summer.

I know summer is still here and I intend to fully enjoy the last days of it, however these beautiful moody photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer invoke the cozy autumn night for me. There is a rawness to her photos that I am absolutely drawn to.

How are you spending the last days of your summer?

(Images: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer )

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pops of Neon

Neon has been on the design and fashion scene for a while now. A lot longer than I thought it would last. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have long fallen for it when done right, and this DIY project is another great inspiration to bring in a bit of neon into your home. If you have thought about experimenting, but have been hesitant, I hope this post is the nudge you needed. 

These are great ideas for experimenting with this trend. The hangers I am quite liking, what a lovely way to bring some fun and color to your closet. I really like the dipped baskets, just a hint of neon goes a long way.  

What do you think? Have you used neon in your decor? What clever ways did you use to incorporate it?

Monday, August 13, 2012


I am fortunate enough to have experienced all those wonderful cliches about motherhood that we all at some  point have rolled our eyes at. The sayings, I've never experienced love like this, my life is so much better since he/she came into my world, my life has meaning like it never had before etc. It has been all that, and so much more for me. I have felt love, and loved like I never thought possible. I have been frustrated at these cute little creatures like I never thought possible.  Through all the ups and the downs of parenting I have learned so much about myself and about the world, from my little loves. The beauty of motherhood/parenthood or just been around children in general is that we see our former selves in them. Sometimes my daughters, especially my four year old would do something that will instantly take me to a place/time that I haven't travelled to in a long time, or ever. She'll do something that I remember doing at one point and I can't help but smile.

My most recent lesson, and one that I can't get out of my head happened again the other day while watching the Olympics. We've been watching swimming, gymnastics, and tracks a lot. The other day we caught synchronized swimming, and she instantly loved it...just like her mama. She also loves watching swimming and gymnastics especially Gabby Douglas, and she's been saying that she's going to be a gymnast too. So after she watched synchronized swimming that she adorably calls "swimming dancing" I asked her which one does she want to be then when she grows up. A synchronized swimmer or a gymnast? Without a seconds hesitation she says synchronized swimmer AND gymnast. My husband and I both laughed, and said that's exactly right why can't you do both. This isn't the first time a similar question with two options have been posed to her, and she chooses both options. You see, I love that, I love that she doesn't feel like she has to choose one. She can be as many things as she wants to be - all at the same time. :) Every time she does that, I can't help but wonder, when did I loose that, when do we all loose that! When do most of us loose that I can do it all attitude? That absolute unshakable believe that you want to, do then you can do it!

As we grow older it's wonderful that we get to learn a lot along the way. Unfortunately, one of the things we learn is that there are limits and sometimes we set some pretty strict boundaries for ourselves. It must be all the heartbreaks, disappointments and unrealized plans along the way that slowly chips away at our relentless optimism. I remember a time not even that long ago when without a doubt if I had some fantistical idea, it could be the most ridiculous unattainable thing, but as long as I wanted and believed I could do it, then I had no doubt that it would happen. Instead, what I do now, is plan the step by step process till kingdom come before embarking on the journey. Thats great, because obviously we have responsiblities and we can't just get up and do every thing our hearts desire. But, I think keeping a bit of the childhood superwoman/man in all of us can do us some good.

The point of all this perhaps is to remind myself and you that maybe we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. We should allow ourselves to dream a bit more "foolishly", everything doesn't have to make sense in order for it to be a reality. We don't always have to have a strict step by step plan in order to be able to accomplish something. Maybe, sometimes all we need is that unshakable believe that as long as we want it, and believe that we can do it, we will get there.

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid that you now think is silly? What do you think about all this? I'd like to hear from all you dreamers out there!

A wonderful Monday and week to you all!

(Images: Elle Interior, Elle Interior, Essence, Pinterest)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Cheer!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a lovely and energizing weekend! Ready for the week? If not I have some images to spring you into this week, and if you are all ready for it, well, then, this is just extra fuel in your tank. I had to share this beautiful, light filled home. It has the right amount of fun and classic pieces.

This Josef Frank fabric is utterly delightful (in my lamest British accent). I truly love it though, I like how it is paired with the gorgeous red bed, and everything else is left neutral.

That buffet is captivating, I can imagine it starting many a conversation. The pop of yellow from the dining chairs is gorgeous, and a great complement to the buffet.

I like the subtle color coordination arrangement of the files and books. It's nice having that lower shelving too, an easy way to access your things.

I saw this bird cage lamp a while back while working on a school project, and I have been lusting after it ever since. I like the use of it in this space, brings a playfulness to this room with all the classic materials.

Another beautiful white kitchen. One of my favorite elements...the grout lines...looks like grey grout, a little thing that makes a substantial impact.  It makes the backsplash stand out in a way that it wouldn't if white were used. A nice technique to implement, who says your grout has to match your tile color!

I hope this was a good jolt to your Monday! Have a very lovely week!

(Images: House to Home)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rose and Grey

Oh my! Have I racked up another extensive lust list. Rose and Grey is a British store with a beautiful collection of interior pieces. The store owned by the couple Guy and Lyndsey Goodger, were inspired to set up shop by their passion of interiors and interior design. You can tell that the collection is carefully curated. The pieces are items that caught their eyes from their travels abroad and home.

I'll take that pink vintage luggage please! I like that a vintage piece is given a modern facelift while still staying true to the original design.

So this is really cool, a bed spring used to clip up prints with clothspin.

Union Jack rug, all I can say #olympics. :) Anybody else out there as obsessed with the olympics as I am? I have been glued to the swimming and gymnastics.

I am slightly obsessed with these wall stickers that you can write on with chalk. Especially loving the world map one.                 

I find myself always attracted to shops that were collected purely based on what the owners love as opposed to what "will sell." It makes the collection feel very personal, and you can sense it even if it's in virtual space.

See anything you like? For more eye candy, check out the site here.

Happy Friday all!!!

(Images: Rose and Grey)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tracy Reese House Tour

Who doesn't love a Tracy Reese dress? Her dresses are always so feminine, elegant and I have been a fan for a while now. Naturally I was quite curious to see the space of this talented lady. Her home in upstate New York featured in County Living is a quintessential country home. It is absolutely charming! So much to love in this house tour. There are so many interesting elements present and a nice mix of high/low design.

I love this stair runner and the kicker, it is a DIY project!  She individually cut each piece, and attached them with velcro! This makes it easy to remove for clean ups - beautiful and practical.

Those gorgeous wood planks with the sweet pink on the walls is perfection. I like how she mixes rustic, feminine, and the traditional ethnic prints. She got this place in upstate New York after years of living in the city and wanting/needing a quiet space for a getaway from the fast pace of the city. I can see this place serving that purpose to a T.

Kitty cat room that's what the designer calls this space. Need I say more :-). Adorable!

The black wall is perhaps my favorite design element in this home. It is so unexpected, but so beautiful! It serves as a great anchor for all her beautiful pieces with the colors and prints. I think using white or some neutral or even pastel might have been an obvious choice especially for a country home, but choosing this daring color really paid off. It also makes the room feel very cozy. Another thing I really like is the pairing of this gorgeous antique armoire with the crisp white porcelain.

See anything you like?

(Images: Country Living)