Monday, October 31, 2011

Thinking Outside of the Pot

This is certainly not a new idea, but still very unique and each person can put their own stamp on it. I love the use of different objects and the more unsual the better as planting pots. I've had this bowl(?) sitting in my garage for a while now. I picked it up at a thrift store with no clue what I'd do with it, but I knew that I loved the shape and print, so I had to have it. I tried it in different spaces in the house, I just couldn't find a spot that both of us were happy in, and that's how the little beauty ended up in the cold cold garage - but no more.

I don't know why I never thought about it, but oh well better late than never. I thought how great would be to house indoor plants and succulents in this bowl. So this is what I came up with.

While I was at it I thought the more the merrier, and after been alone all this time wouldn't it be great to have friends, so that is exactly what happened. :-)

This is just a regular cereal bowl that I picked up for 99 cents.  I love the roundness of the bowl and the "edginess" of the plant. 

This gorgeous bowl was also another lucky find. Its actually a deep purple that doesn't translate very well in the pictures.

Wishing you a beautiful Monday!

(All images: Fatou Bah)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, for the first time ever I went to a pumpkin patch, and I have to say it was quite fun! It's amazing all the things you get to do when you have kids. I think pre-kids I didn't really even know what day Halloween was - I finally got the date down last year.
This year I thought it would be fun to take the girls to a pumpkin patch especially Jalika since she's all into Halloween now. It was a huge beautiful farm with tons of fun things for the girls. We got two huge pumpkins that we never got to carve, nevertheless she has a pumpkin and is a happy girl.

The farm also has flowers, corn, apples, different varieties of squash and other veggies. I loaded up on apples and corn. Sadly the flowers had frost bite (that doesn't sound like the right term, but can't think of it) so I took pictures instead.

Those apples made some really good crisps later that evening :-)

Happy Halloween!

(All images: Fatou Bah)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thrift Finds

Today was a really busy, productive, fun and very tiring day. I've been tired all week from lack of sleep (baby not sleeping at night), school, work and family. I wanted to take today easy and just laze around the house. At the same time I had quite an extensive list of things I wanted/needed to do, especially since last week I didn't get to much.
One of those things was thrift store shopping, and today was quite a lucky day. I also took my girls to a farm to go pick out pumpkins.

I plan on spray painting that bird cage. I can't decide what color yet, I am thinking of either white or red. This bird cage was a gasp moment when I saw it. :-)   I love my wood candle holder, I wish I had a pair, but oh well.  All these for just $12.94, I call that a successful shopping trip!

How is your weekend going so far?

(Images by Fatou Bah)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Inspiration Really is Everywhere

I find things that act as catalyst for an idea in the strangest and most unexpected places. Sometimes without even realizing it, I am thinking about a design or layout, because of a completely unrelated thing that I saw. Inspiration can come from anywhere really.

via West Elm
I am really loving any kind of chunky knits. 
via Rockett St George
It can be a photo, piece of fabric, a quote, a scene from a movie, a furniture or decor piece, or even the way the sky looked on that morning drive. All you have to do is pay attention, and let whatever it is, tell it's story.
Sometimes you might be looking for an inspiration and sometimes it just comes to you. Either way, I think you have to be open and present.

via Met Museum
I get these ideas sometimes for design, or an arrangement and it is completely out of the blue. They come in my dreams, and I would remember the particular design or arrangement for weeks. After a while the image does get fuzzy if I don't use it, so I've decided I would start writing them down (per the brilliant husband's suggestion).

Senegalese Baskets from Serena and Lily
via Etsy
This beautiful sculptural plant from Haunt Studio on Etsy is made of reclaimed wood. 
via Etsy
I can't say enough good things about this console or Urban Wood Goods store on Etsy. These pieces from Erin Norton are made of sustainably reclaimed wood. Most of the wood she uses are over a 100 years old. She has so many great pieces!
A few weeks ago I had a dream of a gorgeous forest green room with gold accents. Not really someting I would come up with in my concious state - I don't think. This is on the other spectrum of my design style. However, I do love the image I saw, and I wish I could do a mock up of it. I need a house that is simply there for my guinea pig projects...crazy idea but how great would that be! :-)
I have been trying to sell the idea to my husband who strongly dislikes green that it would be a great idea for his office once we have a big enough space for it. :-). He is not buying it yet, but persistance pays so I'm not giving up.

via House Beautiful
via House Beautiful
via House Beautiful
I think you do come up with the most interesting and personal things when you can get your inspiration from something and make it your own. Origniality is great, and coming up with something completely new and never done before is to be applauded. But that doesn't make the idea of making something new from an old idea any less inventive. I do love and respect both angles, but there is something special about when a familiar idea is made completey fresh and new, that makes you go "wow why didn't I think of that." I love simple ideas that make a huge impact.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspiring Photography

I came across Neil Mersh's photography the other day, and I was immediately drawn to it. He does interior, people, food and travel photography. He did a shoot with Elle Decor UK that I saw, and I had to find out more about the man behind the pictures. In a minute you'll see why....

I love the humor of this composition, I mean c'mon look at the mouse looting the jewels.
Oh the colors in this space are divine! I love those saturated red velvet chairs, that deep blue wall, and green sofa, bench and chair. I want that landscape curtain, I am seriously drooling over everything in this room. Have you noticed the lights hanging in front of the curtains too? It looks like its all part of the fabric.
Again I love all the bold saturated colors.
Not so mellow yellow
From the painted floors to the pillows, bench, I love it all. I would love a weekend cottage on the river or something that has this same vibe. Oh a girl can dream. :-)

I think we all need a fantasy garden like this to escape to, I couldn't stop smiling when I first saw this photo. His work is so beautiful, and kudos to the stylists who come up with these brilliant set ups.

You can find more of his work here, on the Pearson Lyle site. Personlyle is a London based photography firm with some brilliant stylists and photographers. It's definitely worth taking a look at the work they have up there.

(All images via Pearson Lyle)

Monday, October 24, 2011


I, for some reason have just been wanting and noticing metallic, and any kind of shiny surface for that matter.  It really is true when they say even taste does change, because even a year ago I would shudder at the thought of using this much metallic in one room - I don’t think that it would even cross my mind. I have noticed that a lot of things that I used to truly dislike are things that appeal to me now, not sure why.  I attribute it to awareness and growth :-).  I think it’s nice to look back at our taste in clothes, food (yes even taste in food can change), interiors, partners etc. I think sometimes the more you grow and allow yourself to be open to new experiences, you are able to appreciate more things. They may not be right for you, but you can appreciate why it would appeal to somebody. I think sometimes we are so quick to judge without taking the time to really find out about something.
This is so chic, I think it could work anywhere from a dinning room to the bedroom.
How glamorous would you feel waking up in a bedroom surrounded by this beautiful wallpaper? 
I think this is so cool, not sure that I'm cool enough for it though :-)
I like the organic pattern combined with the gold metallic, it makes it more approachable I think.

This i think even the most metallic phobe could handle this one. I love the simplicity and playfulness of it.
It would be great in a play room, or kids room - they can write on the wall and it would just blend in:-).

I love this combination. I would pair this with simple streamlined furnishings,
so not to be overwhelmed by the pattern and colors. 

Wallpaper was one of those things that I simply didn’t get what the appeal was, and now if I could I just might wallpaper every square inch of my home. Never say never is the lesson here.

Have you noticed a change in your taste? If so, how has it changed? What would you have never thought you’d find use for, and now you simply get enough of?

(All Images via Wallpaper Collective)

Yummy Sunday!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. The weather here was a perfect fall weather, sunny days with a cool breeze. It wasn't a very productive weekend, I didn't do half the things on my list. However, I managed to bake some yummy muffins that I want to share in pictures. :-)

Have a yummy week!

(Images: Fatou Bah)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modern Art by Cozamia

I was first introduced to Cozamia via Decor8 blog, and how lucky for me. Most of the pieces are her modern paintings rendered into print. They are so modern, bright, and colorful in the best of ways. I've included some of my favorites in this post, but she has more on her web site here.  Best part they are available for sale.

There is a sweetness and femininity that is so endearing! It reminds me of my Jalika.

The negative space on top of the print makes this really appealing to me. I can't help but wonder what am I missing, what's supposed to be up there? Is the artist trying to tell me something, make me figure it out, what what what...? I remember in one of my art classes we discussed the use of negative space in art, and I was surprised to hear how many people tried their hardest to avoid it. Negative space is necessary in art because it gives the viewer breathing room, but for me I love it because of the tension it adds to a painting. I find that it adds more interest to any piece. Or maybe that's just me?
I love love this piece - from the composition and to the choice of colors. Don't you just want to know that woman!
(All images via cozamia)