Friday, March 23, 2012

Eclectic Entryway

I talked about my plans for our entryway a million years least if feels that way. I finally finished it, and it has been a total transformation. All it took was a gallon of paint, a few accessories, and a bench I found on Craigslist that I painted.

The plan for the area has changed quite a bit from my orignal plan. At first, I was looking to add a console table as my furniture, and a big statement mirror instead of art work. But I like how it evolved and I just went with the process. Plus the bench is more practical for our family AND my Cozamia art print that I fell in love with from my very first sighting,  is the icing on the cake. I think it pulls the whole space together.

I've had my Ghanian mask for a few years now, the heart I picked up at a thrift store for a dollar, it was too cute and cheesy to pass up. I've thought about painting it (of course) but I'm still undecided. For now it is perfect just as is. Seriously how gorgeous is my pool lady! :-) The print is called Poolside by Cozamia. You might have noticed that I've used two different pillows in the pictures it's because I couldn't decide which one to leave there, but I think I've decided on the pink print. What do you think?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! What will you be doing?

(Images: Fatou Bah)


Marian said...

Oh Fatou this is such a joyful entryway. I love what youve done with it,the bench fits perfectly. I like how the painting and the pink print cushion complement the color of the entryway wall.
I really like the eclectic mix of the woman by the pool (how chic is she?adore!), the mask and heart. It works really well with the cushion.
With your angel's red rain boots at the side it feels wonderfully lived in, as though the entryway has been that way forever. Love it

Well done!
Marian xx

Fatou said...

Marian I think sometimes you get in my head! :-)Thank you so much! You completly got what I was trying to do. Your comment about that gorgeous lady was my exact comment in my initial blog the print!

nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

I cannot tell you how HAPPY this makes me! My art print looks just perfect here, I love how the white bench and frame pops against this beautiful color...perfect, down to those cute lil' rain booties!
Thank you so much Fatou for sharing it!

Fatou said...

Aww thank you SO much Nancy, it means a lot! This print is so gorgeous I had to make sure it had a nice happy spot to live. :-)