Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorful Modern Living

I can appreciate modern design, I tend to pick different elements that I think I can incorporate into my personal style. But there is no way I can happily live in a completely modern space. That said, I am really excited about this modern home I'm about to share with you.You see, this home has some beautiful, in your face (in the best way) colors. Pinks, yellows ahhh, just divine! Though it has the clean lines that are true to modern and some minimal aspects, it feels very inviting and warm. You can tell a family lives here.

This is a family home in LA that came to be as a result of 3 womens' collaboration. Great things happen when women work together, don't it? :-) It was a complete renovation.

I love the use of this cork wall as an art display. It's perfect as you can put the holes in it without worrying about a lasting effect.

A quote from the homeowner that I think I will forever remember: “In Latin America, we’re not afraid of color,” says Devis. “Pink occurs in nature. It’s everywhere in the tropics. For us, it isn’t considered ‘girlie’—I love this pink.”

(Image: Dwell)


Wishing everyone who observes this beautiful month a blessed Ramadan!

(Image: Zimbio, New York Times, Time and Date)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fantastical Bathrooms

I have to admit when it comes to bathrooms, I'm usually a white kinda girl. I like a clean white and simple palette, with very clean and streamlined finishes. It is in powder rooms that I like to go crazy. I like a powder room to feel like a jewel box. Heavily patterned walls and gilded or painted mirrors.
This bathroom by the interior firm Maison Inc, made me giddy - the design geek in me came out in full force. :)

This beautiful wallpaper (can't remember the source) I remember seeing it in different colors. There is a lemony yellow that is so gorgeous that would work in so many rooms in a home. This bathroom sent me into the rabbit hole of lovely bathrooms. 

Okay these definitely are very girly and of course me likee. I can see giving a guest room this type of a feeling, or in my dream cottage home. I like the soft palette and the playfulness about them.
I like the antiqued hand mirrors hung on the wall in the picture above. I can easily see taking aspects of the third picture with that painted mirror and incorporating it into a girl's bathroom.

These two have an old world charm with a few surprise details. Check out the pink painted file cabinet - now that is brilliant.

One of my dream destinations is Greece, specifically Santorini, with all those white washed houses and blue roofs. This reminded me of that. Lately, to put it mildly I have been obsessing about Santorini, so you can imagine my delight when I saw this. So beautiful, so dreamy!

White and natural wood always works in my opinion, and in this bathroom it is no different. I really like the wood beams and that window.

How about that view? :)

What is your bathroom style? What will your ideal bathroom look like? You can see that I like a bit of everything, but I think there is a commonality among all the bathrooms. There is a feminine vibe, clean lines, and most of all an air of indulgence, just what a bath should be!

Have a beautiful Friday everybody!

(Images: Maison Inc; Living Etc. )

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Corazon - Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

It is absolutely no secret that I am a mega fan of JHID's work. They always bring the unexpected to every project they do. This local (in Portland) Mexican Restaurant is no different. It is set in an industrial building with concrete floors and high ceilings. One of the challenges was making the space feel more intimidate and cozy. The inspiration came from a picture of "a  densely packed Mexican market with dozens of baskets hanging above a walkway." After seeing the whole restaurant I am so curious to see the inspiration image, that led to this awe inspiring space.

I keep trying to figure out a favorite, but there are too many good things going on. One of the beauties of this too, is that it successfully incorporated several strong design elements without them competing. One of the challenges of design, in my opinion, is that sometimes you easily run the risk of having too many good things going on in one space. Sometimes the pairing down process is the hardest thing, because as a designer you get really attached to those great ideas. I love that all these beautiful things are able to stand and shine on their own, but also work very well as a whole. Isn't that tile work amazing!!! The glass pendants are pretty special too - also locally made. 

The hanging ropes and baskets are my favorite elements if I were forced to pick. What do you think? What are you liking most about this space? 

Have a beautiful day!

(Images via: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hello, hello! How is everyone doing? Did you have a nice weekend? I hope so. The weekend was really nice for us. We've been having really nice weather, perfect park weather and playing outside for the kids. We had rain today, and I was actually happy about it. We'd gone blueberry picking on Friday, so we have tons of blueberries in the fridge. I've been coming up with all kinds of recipes to use up our loot. I've made smoothies, baked crisps, pancakes, ate them by the bowlfuls. I'm sure our bodies are happy with all the antioxidants we are getting.

To cap off a lovely evening, I came across these gorgeous bins, bread box, dish shop and toothbrush holders by Vipp and I was immediately bitten by the bug. The color for sure stopped me in my tracks, but the more I looked at these timeless designs by Vipp, I couldn't help but be reminded by the importance of great design. I read the story of the early days of the company and that really confirmed it for me.

You can check out Vipp's entire product listing here. I really want one of their bread boxes now. Perhaps in their taxi cab yellow. :-)

(Images: Vipp)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Samantha Hahn Illustrations

When it comes to illustrations, it's usually a hit or miss for me. I came across Samantha Hahn's, site and I really was smitten by her illustrations.

I like the boldness of these patterns and prints.

Isn't that the truth :-).

I was really drawn to her food illustrations, but even more the women. I love how she depicted the women, they look strong, sexy, and sophisticated. The kind of women you want to know.

See anything you like? You can find more of Samantha Hahn's beautiful work here.

(Images: Samantha Hahn)

Wee One's Wall Gallery

So, I have been procrastinating on a project of framing my older daughter's beautiful artwork - that are now laying in my nightstand. I feel bad, because I think they are incredible, and not only because I'm her mom :-).
I decided to look for inspiration to get me going. I found some pretty neat ones that I want to share with you.

I like how casual this display looks. It feels very undecorated in a great way. And the nice thing is art can be added and removed easily.

This, like the ones above has that same casual feel, but because they are neatly lined and arranged it feels more polished.

I love this idea of using wall decals, easily changeable and you leave no holes from nailing up actual frames.

I saw this on TV before can't remember which show anymore. But I remember loving the idea, basically what you are doing is uploading the artwork and resizing them. It is a really cool and concise way to display a lot of your kids' art work.

I've thought about doing one of those Shutterfly books too, but I think I'll start with the wall gallery.

How have you all been? I feel I have been neglecting this lil ole blog, still finding my groove. I wish you a gorgeous day!

(Images: Spearmint Baby, Sycamore Street)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Organic Styling - Elle Decor SA

I've gone back to look at these beautiful, organic styling on Elle Decoration SA for a few times now. I figured there must be something special about them that keep me coming. They evoke that rustic, simple vibe of the beach, a lifestyle I am really craving right now.  

What do you think? Have a great week!

Images: Elle Decoration SA