Saturday, August 3, 2013

Out of Africa Art Shop!

How's everyone doing? I hope you all have been well. Today I am so excited to share with you some gorgeous things out of Africa. I'm excited for the obvious reason that we all love some pretty things, but too, it is my very own mother's shop. This is something she's wanted to do for a while, and I am so proud of her, for putting together such a wonderful collection of arts, highlighting the great talents of African artists. The shop aptly named Out of Africa Art Shop is decor heaven. The shop is located in West Palm, FL, so for you Floridians - lucky, lucky.

These beautiful handcrafted jewelry from South Africa are a few of the gorgeous pieces in store or online. I love the intricate metal work combined with the soft beautiful gemstones.  

This tablecloth with napkin set is one of my very favorite things in the store. It is so fresh and perfect for summer entertainments.

 Doesn't this little gathering of the cutest animals put a smile on your face?!

I picked some favorites, narrowed it down, then narrowed down from that to share with you all :-). They are truly gorgeous pieces, and just knowing how hard she worked and the time she spent making sure that she got the best of the best to showcase makes me even more thrilled for her. Please check out the site for plenty more gorgeous pieces here

I'd love to hear your thoughts. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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Rachel Marie Shutterbugwriter said...

Wow! the jewelry and baskets are beautiful! Kudos to your Mom :)