Friday, April 27, 2012

Fryd Og Design

Don't you just want to kick yourself when you FINALLY find something oh so wonderful that you can't help but shout out to the world, only to find out that you are the last on the planet to hear about this oh so wonderful something? Well that is what happened with Fryd Og Design. She has been featured on numerous publications and blogs. That is not stopping me though, I was so taken by her work that I too would like to join this love fest.

Jeanette the author of blog Fryd Og Design also has a gorgeous e-magazine that is filled with beautiful spaces, yummy food photos, and inspirational quotes. It is all compiled into a beautiful eye candy of a magazine.

I like the whites mixed with pinks, blues, greens and sparse touches of gold etc. Like me she is a lover of pink, so naturally I couldn't help but be drawn to her work. It really is beautiful! I strongly encourage you to hop on over, and check out more of her lovely magazine and blog. Going through her blog you get a sense of joy from her images, and her words. I can only assume from her writings, but her spaces seem to be a perfect match of her sweet nature.

Have a beautiful weekend!

(Images: Fryd Og Design)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Moooi Designs

I love love brilliant design that completely blows you away and makes you smile at the same time from quirky little (or big) details. Moooi did just that today. Everything is so unexpected and utterly brilliant! Moooi Designs was founded by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. Marcel is the "obstinate, passionate designer with a nose for business, and Casper the driven marketeer with a keen eye for design." Energized and happy were two things I felt browsing through their collections, and wondering to myself why I haven't heard of them before.


This true to scale horse had me cracking up and hooked right away. To quote Moooi "Who wouldn't want a horse lamp to light up their room? Furniture to fall in love with at first sight or hate forever." So true, no? It is definitely not for everybody, I can't even say that it's for me. But isn't this what design is all about. Coming up with new thinks, provoke the viewer to perhaps question their perception of how they think things should be, or can things be done different from the norm and have it work.  I like that their designs are very much out there, as a viewer/consumer you can't help but be in awe of them.

 This kid's furniture set inspired by adult pieces is quite wonderful. I love the chunky legs.

These are the chairs that landed me on Moooi's page. By the way don't you just love the sound of that name?! It means beautiful in dutch the native language of the founders. An extra o is added to emphasis beauty.

One of the partners Marcel designed a line of ceramics shown above. Don't you love his take on the classic blue and white. What are you thinking after seeing these designs by Moooi? I'd like to hear.
I love the inventive and creativity in their designs. I like that it challenges you to see everyday things a bit differently. This kind of design, my style or not always inspires me. I especially love their line of ceramics. Hop on over there if you'd like to see more of their wonderful stuff.

(Images: Moooi)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Outdoor Entertaining

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Anybody having an outdoor party? I'm not, however these pictures make me wish for a sunny weekend, that my yard was nice and neat, and I had a party planned. So many great ideas in these images from BHG that could be used, and personalized for summer parties. Amy Neunsinger is a photographer featured in her LA home throwing a gorgeous garden party. She shares some smart and inexpensive tips for a successful party.

The cluster of glass bottles with single stem peonies blend in so nicely with the natural environment. Using sting lanterns is one of her basic outdoor party decors and one of my personal favorite must haves for a garden party.

This photo chandelier is such a great idea. She took a picture of a flower from her garden, printed multiple copies and hung them over the table to make a beautiful focal point.

These lemonades look so yummy and elegant.

She uses mismatched fabric scraps as napkins, paired with handmade pink dishes and vintage flatware.

These jars filled with candied oranges made by the host is giving to the guests to take home. What a lovely idea!

How beautiful it all comes together! Do you have any outdoor party tips you'd like to share?

Have a beautiful weekend!

(Images: BHG)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dreamland - Maison Moschino

Ahhh I have a treat for you all today! We are taking a dreamy trip all the way to Milan, Italy. I couldn't stop smiling when I laid eyes on the rooms in the beautiful hotel, Maison Moschino. What a brilliantly designed space filled with fantasy for kids, and big kids. Maison Moschino is located at a neoclassical building built in 1840 as a railway station. The facade still remains, but the inside is where the magic awaits. Let's take a peek, shall we?

The rooms were inspired and themed after some of our favorite childhood fairytales. Above are images from the Sweet Room. How yummy do those pillows and chandelier look?!

The lobby beautifully sets the tone. I'm sure the moment you walk in here you know you are in for a treat.

The Alice in Wonderland room of course. :-)

I keep thinking this is my favorite, but it's really hard to decide. Each of these rooms has it's own unique fun fantasy to it. Maybe one could stay there and try a different room each night :-). Sadly this is the end of our tour, I could stay on this ride for a long time. I think I just might go look again, you should too, they have many more magical rooms to see.

Have a lovely day!

(Images: Moschino Hotel)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Heart Home Magazine

One of my favorite ways to decompress after a long day is to browse design sites with beautiful inspiring images. Heart Home magazine was exactly what I needed after a today. Their spring issue is filled with gorgeous spaces that are well designed, but not overly so. They all feel very homey to me.

There is something about each of these spaces that appeals to me, and the common thread here is that they all have a very striking focal point, or interesting details. The first image with that gorgeous photo of the woman is so captivating! See anything you like? Which one and why?

(Images: Heart Home Magazine)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Looking Deeper

Hello everyone! Long time no see huh? It has been crazy busy for me with school work. Can you indulge me for a second to go on a bit of a rant? OK, thanks! In my opinion Interior Design is probably the most misunderstood/least known of the professions. The moment most people hear about it they are thinking glitz and glamour, and that all designers are making great amounts of money decorating peoples homes. The thinking is that as a designer all you do is go into someones house, move around a couple of furniture, add pillows and a few accessories and voila! While that is a component of the profession, oh it is so much more. I would say what I'm learning is that, that is the least of what you do. It's definitely way more technical than I or most of the students I talked to anticipated.

I remember when I was applying to the program and going through my interview process, the admissions lady told me that you basically have to have a brain of an artist and an engineer. That woman wasn't lying, sometimes I feel more like I'm doing an engineering program than anything else. I am being challenged in school like I never have before. School has always come easy to me, and because I was always good at the sciences, I was encouraged by family to take that route and be a doctor. For years I persued that route but the more I went the more I realized it wasn't for me, even if it came naturally it wasn't what I wanted to do. I am the person who doesn't want to do something if it's hard for me, I don't like to fail. Trust me I know that is a really bad trait. I don't like it, and since I recognized it in myself I push myself to keep going till I figure it out, and not just say I dont' want to do it. I see my older daughter doing that. When she can't do something she'll just shut down and not want to do it. Talk about passing down a bad gene. :-)

This quarter I am being challenged more than I have ever been in school. It is quite humbling really, to work hard to understand and grasp the concept of something completely foreign. It is also beyond gratifying to keep working until you succeed at something you thought impossible in the beginning.

My advise to anybody wanting to go to school for interior design, because you like to decorate is to do a bit more research and find out other components of the profession that you know/think you'll like.
In all of this I still love what I'm doing, and I'm learning more about myself in the process. I hope I made some kind of sense, and thanks for allowing me this ranting session. Felt good to let it out. :-)

I hope I'll be settling into my new schedule, and I can have more blogging sessions soon. Now you'll know where I am when I go missing for a few days. :-)
I hope you are having beautiful days out there.

(Images: Via Home & Garden Deco)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Day!

I just came back from a jog people! Okay maybe not a full blown jog, more like jog one minute, walk 10 but still. It is such a gorgeous day. I woke up to sunshine today, as soon as baby Z woke up, I fed her, strapped her in her stroller and off we went. Thankfully I had my dandy phone to take pictures to share with you. The trail by our home was filled with pink blooms, birds were chirping, the air was so nice and fresh, and there was this beautiful scent in the air. Everyone we came across had a smile on their face, and were beyond friendly. I tell you what a little sunshine can do, especially after a long stretch of grey skies. 

I had to snap a photo of this cute little purple house. 

I brought a branch home, and now the house smells really nice. Unfortunately the vase will be moving soon, before one of the kids gets to it. I'm surprised baby girl hasn't tried to pull it down yet. :-)

I hope you are having a beautiful day!

(Images: Fatou Bah)