Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modern Art by Cozamia

I was first introduced to Cozamia via Decor8 blog, and how lucky for me. Most of the pieces are her modern paintings rendered into print. They are so modern, bright, and colorful in the best of ways. I've included some of my favorites in this post, but she has more on her web site here.  Best part they are available for sale.

There is a sweetness and femininity that is so endearing! It reminds me of my Jalika.

The negative space on top of the print makes this really appealing to me. I can't help but wonder what am I missing, what's supposed to be up there? Is the artist trying to tell me something, make me figure it out, what what what...? I remember in one of my art classes we discussed the use of negative space in art, and I was surprised to hear how many people tried their hardest to avoid it. Negative space is necessary in art because it gives the viewer breathing room, but for me I love it because of the tension it adds to a painting. I find that it adds more interest to any piece. Or maybe that's just me?
I love love this piece - from the composition and to the choice of colors. Don't you just want to know that woman!
(All images via cozamia)

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