Thursday, October 13, 2011

Massuco, Warner, Miller Interior Design

I first had the pleasure of seeing the designs of the talented ladies at Massuco,Warner, Miller in House Beautiful, and I have been smitten since. They were highlighted as the next wave of designers to watch in 2010, and you'll soon see why. I visit their site every so often and check out their beautiful portfolio, and I never tire of it. Their interiors are all so uniuquely gorgeous. I pulled some of my favorite images, but they have a ton more goodness on their site that you can peruse here.

I like the dream-like quality of this entry way.

How clever and gorgeous are those wallpapered closet doors! I've made a mental note of it from the first time I saw them. Maybe someday soon...

That pop of green, the wallpaper, and that vanity, there is just so much to love. I really love that green as an accent color!

This space here, is just so perfect to me, everything about it is gorgeous. The combination of the blues and plum is so beautifully done.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and found some inspirations like I did.

(Images from Massuco,Warner, Miller)


Marian said...

i love this!!! You have such a way of images and words.
Marian xxx

Fatou said...

Thank you my good friend!