Monday, December 19, 2011

A Frame of Quotes

The story behind the frame - bought it at a thrift store a long time ago, forgot I had it. The other day it was peeking out from the bag in the garage, I think it was telling me its time I use it for something. 
I've being wanting to print out some quotes that have been inspiring me lately, and put them up somewhere, and this was the perfect opportunity. This is a great and simple way to bring together things you love in one spot and have it at an accessible area of your home. I don't know if I'll move it, but for now its perfect above the sink. 

Have a lovely and inspiring day!

(Images Fatou Bah)


Marian said...

I think this is brilliant and love quotes framed. I think it is truly the best way to make chic the mantras that we need to keep in our consciousness.

Your blog is a wonderful read. Every single post

Big kiss

Fatou said...

That means the world coming from you! Thank you!