Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets Talk Paint!

I am not a very handy or crafty person, painting is about as good as it gets. And I think because its so easy, and can quickly breath new life into any space or furniture, makes it the perfect DIY material for me. I love finding neglected pieces with potential, and giving them a fresh new life.

via Knack Studio
Via Style and Home
Via Style and Home
Painting furniture especially, makes a room feel more approachable. Think coastal living, shabby chic, nothing too precious, but very beautiful.

Via Style and Home
Via Home Life
This makes me think of neon in a whole new light. I think if the whole table was painted this color it could have been overwhelming. Using it in a small does makes a huge impact.
 Using high gloss paint is a great way to inject some glamour and sophistication.

via Sunset Living
via Southern Exposure
Of course this great trick of painting to refresh your space isn't limited to furniture. Accessories are also a great way of achieving the same result. Don't be afraid to experiment, if the color doesn't work you just paint over it. 

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