Thursday, January 5, 2012

Double Personality Drawer

This is about the moodiest of blues, and the happiest of yellows coming together to live happily together! Okay so I'm only talking about a chest here. :-) My older daughter's drawer/nightstand out of nowhere fell on her a while back, while she tried getting something out of it. Thankfully, it didn't land all the way on her, and my 6 ft 5 husband (thank God for his long legs) was up the stairs within seconds. After that we decided it was time to get her something more stable. You see I LOVE this drawer, it was a craigslist find that I couldn't believe I got for how much I got it for. It was a case of imagination coming to reality. I've decided to keep it till I can find a better spot for it.

Here is the little beauty. All I did when i got it was add the flower knobs from Anthropologie. As you can see one bit the dust. :-)
We decided to find something at IKEA, she insisted that we paint it yellow and blue, "thats my favorite color" she says over and over. I decided to take on the challenge. The brainstorming session began, I sketched out a few ideas, but they were all too complicated for me to carry out. Those are the times I wish I had my own personal carpenter and artist to bring my ideas to life. :-)



My husband out of nowhere threw out the brilliant idea of painting it half and half. I have to admit I didn't think the idea brilliant at first. I dismissed it as just one of his silly comments (he can be a goof ball), but the more I thought about it, the more exciting it got. I decided to go for it!

The bumblebee was a last minute addition to personalize it. Jalika has been obsessed with bumblebees since Halloween, when she dressed up as one. I thought it would be a nice surprise for her, as I did it when she was napping. The husband traced it for me, because I suck at drawing, and I painted it. This project was a lot of measuring, making sure the tape was as straight as possible. Oh, and don't make the mistake we did trying to save $10 by buying the white one. If you are going to paint over it buy the unfinished version. I had to do A LOT of sanding to get it ready for painting. Next time definitely buying the unfinished piece.

This was definitely a labour of love, and I couldnt' be happier. More importantly she is madly in love with it!

(Images: Fatou Bah)

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julla said...

Oh please come and do Fatmah's and Dawd's please. We recently moved and I'm clueless as to what to do with there rooms. But this is just adorable