Monday, January 9, 2012

French By Design

I love going through vintage stores, for me it's like a walk through a beautiful bygone era. I think the objects tell you so much about the people of that time, from the little kitchen utensils, to bedding. I think because these things are so personal, and a big part of everyday life it's easier to understand, and relate to the people of that time.  I rarely get that same feeling looking at vintage shops online like I do with French By Design on Etsy. I am a huge online shopper, but when it comes to certain things in person is just better, but French By Design challenges this theory of mine.

Vintage Cheese Box
Vintage Wooden Barrel
Milk Metal Crate
Wire Locker Basket
The owner Si's motivation to start this shop was a result of her move to the US from her native land France, and wanting to find things that she so easily found at home. I think she does a great job of sourcing beautiful interesting pieces. 

French Milk Jar
Vintage Shampoo Bottle
Vintage Moroccan Rug
Vintage Morocan Rug
I hope you liked seeing the beautiful things from French By Design. You can learn more about her and the store here. I love visiting the shop every so often to see what new goodies she has in store.
Happy Monday!

(All Images: French By Design)

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Marian said...

ok im needing it all. how effective are the simple things such as the milk crate, shampoo bottle!? its a call to remembering its more about the eye than label or price.
thank you for this