Monday, January 30, 2012

Name Design Studio

Have you heard of Name Design Studio?  Not to worry if you haven't, because today we will be looking at some fab finds from this beautiful studio. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Name Design Studio upcycles furniture using beautiful upholstery and patchwork.

I love how bold and graphic this chair is, with all the lovely, bright colors. The chair is cleverly covered in fabric using glue. They would make great accent chairs, in a corner somewhere, or used as a nightstand. I can easily see it as a night stand, with books or magazines stacked on it, and topped off with a simple reading light.

 This blue settee is no shrinking violet, love the lines and the choice of colors. So simple, yet its presence cannot be missed.

This chair was inspired by blue and white porcelains, and it is so easy to see. Such a gorgeous interpretation.

I find their use of patchwork upholstery so fresh and exciting.  I absolutely adore this floral covered wingback sofa. For some body like me, who loves floral patterns, this would be a dream to own. Put it in a quiet, white room, and it will awaken the space in a heart beat.

See anything you like? Are the wheels in your head turning? Hopefully you've seen something that got you inspired to try something new, and different in your own home.

Happy Monday, and have a beautiful week!

(Images: Name Design Studio)

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