Saturday, April 14, 2012

Looking Deeper

Hello everyone! Long time no see huh? It has been crazy busy for me with school work. Can you indulge me for a second to go on a bit of a rant? OK, thanks! In my opinion Interior Design is probably the most misunderstood/least known of the professions. The moment most people hear about it they are thinking glitz and glamour, and that all designers are making great amounts of money decorating peoples homes. The thinking is that as a designer all you do is go into someones house, move around a couple of furniture, add pillows and a few accessories and voila! While that is a component of the profession, oh it is so much more. I would say what I'm learning is that, that is the least of what you do. It's definitely way more technical than I or most of the students I talked to anticipated.

I remember when I was applying to the program and going through my interview process, the admissions lady told me that you basically have to have a brain of an artist and an engineer. That woman wasn't lying, sometimes I feel more like I'm doing an engineering program than anything else. I am being challenged in school like I never have before. School has always come easy to me, and because I was always good at the sciences, I was encouraged by family to take that route and be a doctor. For years I persued that route but the more I went the more I realized it wasn't for me, even if it came naturally it wasn't what I wanted to do. I am the person who doesn't want to do something if it's hard for me, I don't like to fail. Trust me I know that is a really bad trait. I don't like it, and since I recognized it in myself I push myself to keep going till I figure it out, and not just say I dont' want to do it. I see my older daughter doing that. When she can't do something she'll just shut down and not want to do it. Talk about passing down a bad gene. :-)

This quarter I am being challenged more than I have ever been in school. It is quite humbling really, to work hard to understand and grasp the concept of something completely foreign. It is also beyond gratifying to keep working until you succeed at something you thought impossible in the beginning.

My advise to anybody wanting to go to school for interior design, because you like to decorate is to do a bit more research and find out other components of the profession that you know/think you'll like.
In all of this I still love what I'm doing, and I'm learning more about myself in the process. I hope I made some kind of sense, and thanks for allowing me this ranting session. Felt good to let it out. :-)

I hope I'll be settling into my new schedule, and I can have more blogging sessions soon. Now you'll know where I am when I go missing for a few days. :-)
I hope you are having beautiful days out there.

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Just love all the flowers, very creative, thanks for sharing.