Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorful Modern Living

I can appreciate modern design, I tend to pick different elements that I think I can incorporate into my personal style. But there is no way I can happily live in a completely modern space. That said, I am really excited about this modern home I'm about to share with you.You see, this home has some beautiful, in your face (in the best way) colors. Pinks, yellows ahhh, just divine! Though it has the clean lines that are true to modern and some minimal aspects, it feels very inviting and warm. You can tell a family lives here.

This is a family home in LA that came to be as a result of 3 womens' collaboration. Great things happen when women work together, don't it? :-) It was a complete renovation.

I love the use of this cork wall as an art display. It's perfect as you can put the holes in it without worrying about a lasting effect.

A quote from the homeowner that I think I will forever remember: “In Latin America, we’re not afraid of color,” says Devis. “Pink occurs in nature. It’s everywhere in the tropics. For us, it isn’t considered ‘girlie’—I love this pink.”

(Image: Dwell)

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