Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wee One's Wall Gallery

So, I have been procrastinating on a project of framing my older daughter's beautiful artwork - that are now laying in my nightstand. I feel bad, because I think they are incredible, and not only because I'm her mom :-).
I decided to look for inspiration to get me going. I found some pretty neat ones that I want to share with you.

I like how casual this display looks. It feels very undecorated in a great way. And the nice thing is art can be added and removed easily.

This, like the ones above has that same casual feel, but because they are neatly lined and arranged it feels more polished.

I love this idea of using wall decals, easily changeable and you leave no holes from nailing up actual frames.

I saw this on TV before can't remember which show anymore. But I remember loving the idea, basically what you are doing is uploading the artwork and resizing them. It is a really cool and concise way to display a lot of your kids' art work.

I've thought about doing one of those Shutterfly books too, but I think I'll start with the wall gallery.

How have you all been? I feel I have been neglecting this lil ole blog, still finding my groove. I wish you a gorgeous day!

(Images: Spearmint Baby, Sycamore Street)

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