Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photography: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

I can feel the end of summer lurking in the corner, and I have to say its bitter sweet. I can tell that summer is coming to an end not only because the days are getting shorter, and the sighting of the random browning of leaves. But I also find my nesting instincts kicking in, I am already thinking about bringing in cozy knitted blankets, and cuddling up with a nice cup of tea after a soul comforting dinner. For me, as a true cancer sign for who everything revolves around the home.  I love welcoming fall as much as I hate saying goodbye to summer.

I know summer is still here and I intend to fully enjoy the last days of it, however these beautiful moody photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer invoke the cozy autumn night for me. There is a rawness to her photos that I am absolutely drawn to.

How are you spending the last days of your summer?

(Images: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer )

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