Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Design

Today, I thought we'll venture a bit out of our usual topics. I thought we'll talk a bit about commercial design, more specifically healthcare. Doesn't sound very exciting does it? There is actually a lot of exciting design going on in healthcare. I have decided that hospitality design is the direction I want to take, but I still toy with the idea of healthcare. I think good design is all about bringing comfort to the people who inhabit the spaces. We've come to expect it in our homes, design is so accessible now, and it allows people to flex their design muscles. In institutional design and healthcare good design is not necessarily expected. Think of those tiny rooms you sit in waiting for your doctor, I've never felt good sitting in there waiting. Your automatic reaction is, I hope the doctor comes in and out so I can be out of here. So it's exciting for me seeing spaces designed with the well being of its' recipients in mind. I can't think of a place more deserving of good, and thoughtful design than in a healthcare facity. People utilizing these spaces are already sick, why not make it a calming environment that is soothing, rather than one that brings discomfort.
This suspended cube sitting area at the Kaleida Health, Gates Vascular Institute, is brilliant! Such a stunning architectural feature.
Photo by: Bjorg Magnea Architectural & Interior Photography
Kaleida Health, Gates Vascular Institute
Photo by: Bjorg Magnea Architectural & Interior Photography

Seeing the winners of the 2012 Healthcare Environment Award in Contract magazine was thrilling and inspiring for me. These hospitals could be mistaken for some high tech company in Silicon Valley. This for me reaffirms how important good design is, it's not frivolous and we need it more than some realize. It add to the quality of life, you don't realize how interior design till you live in a place where the layout or materials chosen aren't working properly.  If you read this blog I'm sure you probably believe the same thing.

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(Images: Contract Magazine)

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