Monday, October 29, 2012

Zara Home Collection

So this has been one of those posts that I couldn't decide if I should, what I should say, etc. I love Zara, from clothes to accessories, so nobody could have been anymore excited than me when I first read about their home collection coming state side. However, it wasn't love at first sight. I felt a bit , okay a lot disappointed that I didn't like it as much, because I thought I'd be swept off my feet. Plus this is my beloved Zara, how could I not be filling up my cart already! So I kept going back looking to see if there is something I'm missing. I should mention that I instantly fell for the kids' collection. I found it to be very colorful, cheery yet stylish. What finally convinced me is their catalogue, perhaps it helped me get it. I think I just didn't get it, therefor I wasn't feeling it.  The styling is gorgeous and very Zara. It's stylish, rustic and has an old world charm to it - it's very European country chic.

I always love this type of styling, feels very organic, as if everything fell into place without any effort. I've said it before, I think styling is such a powerful tool and a hard one to master. It looks so easy, but you have to have a special eye, and talent to arrange things in a way that communicates a feeling or statement that resonates. 

My eyes can't help but zoom into that gorgeous chandelier, reminds me of the intricate rose windows found in gothic churches. I love the different colored glass crystals. I bet they cast a gorgeous shadow. 

I love the gold/brass accents, they have a very glamourous feel to them, but not over the top...just like what a Zara fan would expect. In typical Zara fashion I find their collection to be very unique. The price points are great, and these not the same things you find at every other store.

This arrangement here to me is everything - it is perfection.

I instantly fell in love with the kids' collection, and can you blame me! I love the use of bright colors, and fun images, and they all have a vintage feel - like it was passed down from generation to generation.

So the verdict: I love love the new home collection a la Zara! I encourage you to take a look if you already haven't. I say it is a perfect Monday morning activity :-).

Were you as excited as me about the Zara home collection? Did it live up to expectation, exceed? What are you really about it?

Have a great Monday!

(Images: Zara Home)

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