Saturday, December 8, 2012

Annaleena Design

I am absolutely giddy with excitement, not only because these are so cool, but the simple fact that people are so incredibly creative, that the most mundane things, can be transformed into jaw dropping objects! For all my industrial design lovers, you will absolutely adore these steel metal candle holders by Annaleena, of Annaleena's Hem blog. If you are familiar with Annaleena's Hem it really is not much of a surprise that she can come up with something so beautiful, however, I can't help but, be overwhelmed by the genius of it all. 

Gorgeous, aren't they? I like that it can work in many design styles. They are definitely modern, and industrial, but they can be added to a more traditional space to add interest and a wow factor. 

(Images: Annaleena Design)

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