Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stolen Moments & Lusting

Hello dear readers! I guess yours truly simply needed a break, and I'm not sure that I'm back to a hundred percent, but I'm slowly lulling myself back. I'm sure you've noticed that it has been dark city in 30Inspired land. I think I've been running on reserves and the reserves ran out, no more inspiration, creative juices needed to reboot. I kept starting posts, but nothing good was coming, and I hate to post just for the sake of it. I finally decided that maybe just going with the flow isn't a bad thing. I felt anxious, guilty, you know all that ugly ish, but decided maybe, I should just allow myself to have this dormant time. I hope you understand, and hang in there with me. Do you find  yourself needing to take a break even from your most beloved things? It might be that 10 extra minutes in the bathroom, like me hiding in the bathroom with my iPad, don't tell me that's just me, please; a quick afternoon nap, a lone long walk, whatever you choose to do, a moment where we just unplug from it all is truly necessary. It must have worked, because I can feel my creative juices flowing again.

And, this, my friends is what I have been seriously lusting after. This gorgeous boutique hotel, Le Reve Hotel is in Mexico, and how I would love to spend an afternoon in one of those plunge pools sipping on a fruity drink.

(Images: Le Reve Hotel)


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