Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long Silence

If you could see me typing this, you would see a girl hunched over with guilt as if the whole world is pointing at her with accusing stares. Dramatic…well you all know that I can be that, but I seriously feel so terrible about the deafening silence on this blog.
Life had gotten so hectic that I could no longer juggle all the responsibilities on my plate, and unfortunately, the blog was one of the casualties. Something had to give, and with work, school, family, there just wasn't any room in my brain for creativity or available time to curate anything worth sharing.

I hope to be back to full time blogging, and I hope you will all forgive me and pretend this break never happened.

Have an awesome day!

Image: (Fatou Bah)


Rachel Marie Shutterbugwriter said...

Yaaay! welcome back Fatou! No worries, sometimes life requires trimming excess. Hope you were able to rest and get some tlc!

Fatou said...

Thanks Rachel! :-)

Marian said...

Welcome back sweetpea and don't feel bad at all, with so much to juggle, life happens dear. Those photos by you are just gorge! dreamy! you take a beautiful shot hun

Fatou said...

Why thank you my dear!