Sunday, August 11, 2013


As I sit in front of my laptop eyeing the wad of trace paper calling my name to a day of homework, I can't help but dream of a faraway land, where my biggest challenge is which choice of drink to pick from, and should I lay under the sun or shade.
You see, I desperately love what I do, but I am also in dire need of a respite from it all. But for now, I must bury my head and get this school thing done, so I can move on to designing real spaces. But, before I get back to that, how about you take this little daydream journey with me…
Anini Beach, Kauai by me or hubby
Cuba via NG

Loisaba, Kenya via Knstrct
Leopard Hills, via Knstrc
Ladera Resort, via Knstrc

This always reminds me of how extensive my travel list is and how far behind I am on getting started. So many amazing places to see. 

PS: Sad thing I started this blog a week ago and not even sure what interrupted me but something did and I wasn't able to get back to it. 
How have your weeks been? Any fun summer travels? I would LOVE to hear about them. We are planning on some short weekend trips around the area. Lucky for us the Pacific Northwest has some amazing places to escape to. 
Okay, gotta run now and make breakfast for the kiddies.  Have a great week everyone! 

(Images: cited above)