Friday, October 28, 2011

Inspiration Really is Everywhere

I find things that act as catalyst for an idea in the strangest and most unexpected places. Sometimes without even realizing it, I am thinking about a design or layout, because of a completely unrelated thing that I saw. Inspiration can come from anywhere really.

via West Elm
I am really loving any kind of chunky knits. 
via Rockett St George
It can be a photo, piece of fabric, a quote, a scene from a movie, a furniture or decor piece, or even the way the sky looked on that morning drive. All you have to do is pay attention, and let whatever it is, tell it's story.
Sometimes you might be looking for an inspiration and sometimes it just comes to you. Either way, I think you have to be open and present.

via Met Museum
I get these ideas sometimes for design, or an arrangement and it is completely out of the blue. They come in my dreams, and I would remember the particular design or arrangement for weeks. After a while the image does get fuzzy if I don't use it, so I've decided I would start writing them down (per the brilliant husband's suggestion).

Senegalese Baskets from Serena and Lily
via Etsy
This beautiful sculptural plant from Haunt Studio on Etsy is made of reclaimed wood. 
via Etsy
I can't say enough good things about this console or Urban Wood Goods store on Etsy. These pieces from Erin Norton are made of sustainably reclaimed wood. Most of the wood she uses are over a 100 years old. She has so many great pieces!
A few weeks ago I had a dream of a gorgeous forest green room with gold accents. Not really someting I would come up with in my concious state - I don't think. This is on the other spectrum of my design style. However, I do love the image I saw, and I wish I could do a mock up of it. I need a house that is simply there for my guinea pig projects...crazy idea but how great would that be! :-)
I have been trying to sell the idea to my husband who strongly dislikes green that it would be a great idea for his office once we have a big enough space for it. :-). He is not buying it yet, but persistance pays so I'm not giving up.

via House Beautiful
via House Beautiful
via House Beautiful
I think you do come up with the most interesting and personal things when you can get your inspiration from something and make it your own. Origniality is great, and coming up with something completely new and never done before is to be applauded. But that doesn't make the idea of making something new from an old idea any less inventive. I do love and respect both angles, but there is something special about when a familiar idea is made completey fresh and new, that makes you go "wow why didn't I think of that." I love simple ideas that make a huge impact.

Happy Friday!

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Marian said...

It is amazing how varying prints can work so well together and that is evident in the last House Beautiful image.
It is really all about making things ones own