Monday, October 24, 2011


I, for some reason have just been wanting and noticing metallic, and any kind of shiny surface for that matter.  It really is true when they say even taste does change, because even a year ago I would shudder at the thought of using this much metallic in one room - I don’t think that it would even cross my mind. I have noticed that a lot of things that I used to truly dislike are things that appeal to me now, not sure why.  I attribute it to awareness and growth :-).  I think it’s nice to look back at our taste in clothes, food (yes even taste in food can change), interiors, partners etc. I think sometimes the more you grow and allow yourself to be open to new experiences, you are able to appreciate more things. They may not be right for you, but you can appreciate why it would appeal to somebody. I think sometimes we are so quick to judge without taking the time to really find out about something.
This is so chic, I think it could work anywhere from a dinning room to the bedroom.
How glamorous would you feel waking up in a bedroom surrounded by this beautiful wallpaper? 
I think this is so cool, not sure that I'm cool enough for it though :-)
I like the organic pattern combined with the gold metallic, it makes it more approachable I think.

This i think even the most metallic phobe could handle this one. I love the simplicity and playfulness of it.
It would be great in a play room, or kids room - they can write on the wall and it would just blend in:-).

I love this combination. I would pair this with simple streamlined furnishings,
so not to be overwhelmed by the pattern and colors. 

Wallpaper was one of those things that I simply didn’t get what the appeal was, and now if I could I just might wallpaper every square inch of my home. Never say never is the lesson here.

Have you noticed a change in your taste? If so, how has it changed? What would you have never thought you’d find use for, and now you simply get enough of?

(All Images via Wallpaper Collective)

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