Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Suffering from Wanderlust

With the cool crisp air and long grey days, my need for travel to a sunny part of the world keeps growing stronger. I have to use all my might to stop daydreaming about all the wonderful places on my travel list. I dream about the day when I can trek the globe, go to all the exotic local markets, buy art from local vendors, eat some delicious food,and most of all meet the people. In my dream home everything will be personally bought from all over the world from family travels. I would love to have a story behind each piece. There will be a wonderful memory connected to a time and place.  My top five destinations rotate on a daily basis, if only I could be at different places at the same time that would make it easier to decide. Turkey, Morroco, Paris, Spain, Zanzibar, Argentina and Seychelles, so thats more than five, but I really tried. :-)

But for now a girl can dream and troll travel sites. You know how the saying goes, misery loves company, sweet misery - so here we go, you get to share this journey with me.

Pongwe Beach, Zanzibar

 via Pongwe Beach, Zanzibar. That sand and water is unbelievable!

via My Marrakesh

via Discover Adventures at a Morocan souk. The colors are so gorgeous and vibrant.

via Beautiful Places to Visit Santorini, Greece
via Beautiful Places to Visit Santorini, Greece

via  Beautiful Places to Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
I would be a very happy Llama here too. :-) I wanted to go to Peru ever since I saw Motorcycle Diaries.

via Mandina Lodge, Gambia (aka the smiling coast/my homeland)

via Mandina Lodge, Gambia


Marian said...

ooooh la la!

Being a fellow wanderlust sufferer I can empathize. I dream about the places I want to see, taste, hear...

They haunt me...

These images are incredible

The souk image of the vibrant slippers? A revelation in color.

I miss Gambia so much and the lodge image has made it all so much more acute.

big kiss

Fatou said...

Its a sickness at this point, I could just wander and travel the globe, buying beautiful things and eating good food, my idea of heaven :-)