Saturday, October 8, 2011

Taking the Leap!

I am jumping in head first with a big smile!

I have thought on and off about starting a design blog for over two years. I figured it will help educate, keep me inspired, and in the process I get to share my thoughts and ideas.

However, the little worrier in me will bring up all the BUTs: but I'm not a good writer, what if my blog isn't creative enough, what if I can't put interesting ideas together, what if people judge me and my work negatively...the list goes on.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about where my life is going and where I want it to be. I'm feeling excited, inspired, nervous, and a little scared about the decisions I'm making about my next step. But I have decided that there is one way to live life fully, and that is to do things that you believe in whether they are scary or not, but especially when they are scary!

So, here I am with my blog, here I'll be sharing things I love, designs that inspire me, and any random thoughts I might have. Thank you for visiting my little corner!

(Image by: Fatou Bah)


Marian said...

Congratulations on being 30Inspired and going live!

I am so excited for you! So excited that you have embarked on this journey!

I look forward to your posts and following you.

Here is to being 30Inspired!



Jankeh Dibba said...

This is soooooo coooool,and brave and inspiring and exciting and....need i say more? lol

Well done!!!
You have urself a follower for life!


MamaNgoneh said...

Woohoo, i'm so proud of you. I am so happy that you are doing what you love/enjoy. Can you say stalker...

Love you

Fatou Bah said...

Thank you all so VERY much!!! I can truly feel the love and encouragement and its just more fuel in my tank! Love you all!