Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tea Time!

The weather has officially changed over here, long rainy grey days. I miss the blue skies of summer, long days and warm summer nights. Ahhh....summer I can't wait for us to meet again.

I may miss summer, but I am definitely not sad about fall's arrival, the leaves changing gorgeous oranges and pinks, the crispness in the air and the need to cuddle up in front of the fire. I love drinking tea, and something about fall just makes it better. I have been wanting a new teapot for a while, and it just seems really urgent right about now. So, I decided to go on a hunt, and I am sharing some of the pots I am really loving.

Now this simple straight to the point pot from Crate & Barrel I've been eyeing for a while and for just $39.95 its a steal. 

This cast iron pot from Teavana made me take a second look at cast iron pots. Apparently they are super practical since they keep your tea warm up to an hour. I've never really been into cast iron pots but this one is definitely turning me.

This is gorgeous pot from Table Art is just divine! I fee like I need it in my life.  Its so simple and striking

This beautiful pot from Teavana simply speaks to my very feminine side.

This piece from Teavana is like the jewel of teapots! How can this not make you happy even on a rainy, grey day!

What is your favorite thing about fall?

(Images: by noted companies)

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Marian said...

These are such a gorgeous line-up!
I like that I could imagine all these on a shelf lined up together!
Glam kisses,