Saturday, October 15, 2011

That Nook!

So yesterday I was on the couch lazing, and out of nowhere I had this brilliant idea to rearrange furniture. Well my husband was upstairs putting Zahra (our baby) to bed so.... I figured perfect opportunity. I didn't want him going "oh not again, just leave it the way it is...blah blah" you know :-). But before I got started he was downstairs and to my surprise he was all for it. Actually he was excited about what the change would look like. All we did was move the loveseat from one wall and placed it by the window. I took the curtain out of my older daughter's (Jalika) room and hung that. Moved a few other things and voila! It is like a completely different space. Not only that but it feels like a little nook separate from the living room, you can lay on the sofa, read a magazine, stare out the window and escape for a little while. I tried it out, and it works :-).

I love little changes like this that make a huge impact in a space with little effort. You use little or no money, and you have a refreshed space that feels brand new. I don't know about you, but I crave change in my space ever so often. We've been wanting to paint but with cost, and time we've been putting it off, so this will keep me happy for now.

What is your favorite cheap trick?

(Images: Dawda Bah)

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