Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is for the Birds

I used to strongly dislike owls and was very scared of them. I've never seen one in real life but growing up I heard all kinds of stories about how they were associated with evil things. Something about witches turning into owls and what not, I know even as I type this I know how silly it sounds. But hey I guess no one is perfect.

Fast forward to now and I am on the other spectrum at least when it comes to any kind of owl decorative piece. I really don't know how and why it happened but I'm happy it did. It is not just owls but all bird decorative items. I already have a mini collection going and I'm constantly spotting more I can add to my happy home.

Check out these little pretty things.

I have a serious crush on this pink beauty from ClassicByNature on Etsy

This darling lamp from Anthropology would be so gorgeous in my workspace.  It will add whimsy to any space, I love adding a playful piece in a space, because after all design shouldn't be too serious.

via West Elm

Talk about fun, I love this wallpaper from The Wallpaper Collective- I think it would look great in a kids room, or a home office.

(Images via listed websites, first image by Fatou Bah)

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