Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beautiful House Beautiful!

The magazine I look forward to the most, hands down is House Beautiful! Every month there is a
heart-skip-a-beat moment, from the moment I see the cover. They just seem to be getting better, and better. They always have a diverse line up of gorgeous rooms and this issue - December/January is no different. I took pictures of my favorite space designed by Maine Design. My pictures aren't great but I definitely encourage you to check out this issue if you can.

I am in all kinds of love with this room. From the metallic wallpaper, to all the oranges blues and bold prints. This is a teenage girl's room. What a lucky girl huh!

Global/Eclectic, I don't care what you call it, I call it FABULOUS!
How gorgeous are these!

So, I'm supposed to be studying, but I am so so unmotivated...but clearly not when it comes to blogging. I am here trolling design blogs instead. There are so many gorgeous ones out there, and it's like a rabbit hole you fall into, and it's close to impossible to get out. I am off to study so I can hold on to that A :-).

(All images from House Beautiful by Fatou Bah)

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Marian said...

I WOULD HAVE BEEN A VERY HAPPY GIRL as a teen to wake up in that glorious room!!! Who needs to travel when all your dreams could come to you with that orange and the metallic wallpaper?!
The quote on the book as seen in the first image is to true! No cultural divide when it comes to design. I completely agree.