Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beautiful Blogs Abound!

Ah, the world wide web can be such a wonderful place. Last night, instead of studying, when I was supposed to, I was trolling design sites and blogs as I talked about in this post. I love how you can go from one blog to the next, because one talked about the other and so on and on. I've found many a wonderful blog this way. Design bloggers just seem to be so generous and welcoming, and even encouraging. I am new to the blogging thing, even fairly new to folllowing blogs. I've really only followed a couple consistently for the last year and a half. I stumbled on Design Manifest, and the owner Naomi last night, and I couldn't leave her site. It was so inspiring and beautiful. She really has a great eye, and I can't help but share some of these shots.

I think in the last month I have used the word inspiring and its many forms more than I have in my entire life. But I am surrounded by inspiration and overwhelmed by it in a good way, and I think because I have been open to it, and I let it take me where it will, that I have been more aware of it. I love it, I really love how inspiring everything has become. Even the bad things, I have managed to look at what good/beautiful things I can take out of them, and run with that.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos from Naomi's lovely blog and work!  My favorite thing about her place is the way she mixes patterns, you've got to have pure talent, and taste to put things together in this manner.

On a side note I also got Poolside by Cozamia while idling online last night. I call that productive actually, won't you? :-) They had a 20% sale plus I had an additional 5% so I had a great deal.
I can't wait to get it in my hot litte hands.

via Cozamia
I hope you are having a beautiful week!

(Images: Design Manifest)


Marian said...

Ah these images make me smile! The pink pieces against that blue wall is truly fabulous
Congrats on 'Poolside'. it is utterly fabulous.
You must share an image of it when hung in place.
Your blog is a delight to visit darling

Fatou said...

Ah thank you so much Marian! That means a lot, because your work and attitude towards it inspires me everytime. So that means a lot coming from you :-).