Friday, November 25, 2011

Decadent Jewel Tones

I love it when something is considered the "in" thing or the trend that I already love.  I realize you run the risk of having the same thing as everyone else, but the beauty of individuality is that we are all unique, and make anything so. On the plus side, it makes it easier to find things that you like, because I know that liking unusual things is not always convenient - makes shopping tricky sometimes. What I'm blabbing about good people, is the use of decadent jewel tones in interiors! There is nothing sexier than a beautifully decorated room in bold saturated colors.
via Porter House Designs
No one does jewel tones like the Moroccan. I hear jewel tones, I'm thinking of colors I associate with Morocco.
via House Beautiful
Porter House Designs
via Digs Digs
via First Sense
You can go dark or light with the jewel tones too, there is room for flexibility. It always used to seem to me that in order to use the jewel tones everything had to be dark and moody. If you are experimenting with this decorating style you can start slow by introducing the colors with accessories like pillows, rugs etc. A couch is also a great way to bring it in and make a huge impact - I am visualizing a gorgeous tufted gold, velvet couch against a white wall. :-)
Funny how I always go gaga for rooms decorated in this fashion, but my space is pretty much on the other spectrum. I think I dress that way more than I decorate. I seem to go for bold colors in my cloths and shoes, and when it comes to decorating I use a lot of earth tones, and some pops of color. Why, I really don't know. :-)

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