Saturday, November 26, 2011


How strange to feel nostalgic for a time you weren't even in existence. We stumbled on a beautiful antique store today after taking the girls to the library, then lunch.  It was weird how nostalgic I felt being in that antique shop. My husband said maybe I'm just an old soul, hopefully my soul wasn't making a connection with other old ones...:-). Everything just looked so beautiful, and special. They all seemed to have a wonderful story behind them. Sadly we got there an hour before closing, I could spend a day at that place and not have enough of it.

I managed to pick up a gorgeous plate and jewelry bag. I don't know what I'll do with the plate yet, but I also knew I couldn't leave it behind. For now it will sit on my dresser, figure that is the safest place in the house away from the kiddos.

How was your day? Having a good weekend I hope!

(All images by Fatou Bah)

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