Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ever since I first saw the Novogratz's show on Bravo, I've been mesmerized. The Novogratzs are a husband and wife design duo, Courtney and Robert. Their interiors are as unique and creative as they are stylish. They call their style Downtown Chic, and it is all kinds of wonderful! I wouldn't say it is my style, but I seem to love every space of theirs that I've seen. Even if you look at any of their spaces and think "this is not my style" you still can't help but appreciate, and see the immense creativity and originality in them. There is always a cool idea in their designs that could inspire you in whatever style yours might be.

I am so happy that they have a show on HGTV now and the rest of us can check in with them on a weekly basis.
Seriously crushing on this chair, and don't you just love that huge cat sculpture!

I love how bold their designs are, and they are ALWAYS so very different yet very them. Their designs are bold, unapologetic and confident. I love that they are self taught and they make their own rules.

Such a happy kitchen. All these beautiful bright colors. Loving the pink deer head :-).

Pink bathroom, HELLO, you know I adore this. 

One of my favorite things about them is the fact that they are a couple with 7 kids, a successful career, and they seem to effortlessly juggle all of that.
I find their personal life and work so inspiring!

(All images from The Novogratz)

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