Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Other Side

I am quite excited about this post, because I get to share some beautiful pieces from Svenskt Tenn, an interior design shop in Stockholm, Sweden. They have a beautiful stock of furniture, lighting, table linens & wares, textiles and more. I was born in Sweden and even though I left when I was 5 and didn't return till I was 14 for a summer holiday. A part of me always longs for the land I know so little about yet is a huge part of me. But this is not why I'm excited about this post, I'm excited because I get to share pieces that are not the typical Scandinavian designs we see everywhere.

I love the Scandinavian design sensibility, but for me not been too accustomed to seeing this side of their design, this was quite exciting when I stumbled on it. Its like the perfect  marriage for my Swedish and African sides.
I was born in Sweden, left at 5/6 went to Gambia, where my parents are from, and left for the states when I was 15. I'd like to think I have a little of each place in me.

I love seeing the other side of things, rather than the typical things we associate with things/places/people. I don't know if its human nature, and/or it makes it easier to find one thing to associate to a people or place. Maybe its like an ID badge, and it makes it easier to identify those persons rather than seeing a more well round perspective of them
I know its just furniture/design whatever, but it is definitely worth thinking about. I always seem to be the different one where ever I go, and I find that I get asked a lot about stereotypical things.  Like when I first moved to the US - I can't count how many times I was asked if we have lions in our backyards in Africa, or did I leave in a hut, or did I just start wearing cloths (since in Africa we don't) etc. I remember the girl who asked me the lion question been very shocked when I said "nope I actually first saw a lion here at the Zoo."  I didn't understand at first why people would always ask me such questions, but I do now though.
As Africans our "ID badge" is we live in huts, don't wear cloths (another question I had), and we play with animals all day. An idea more foreign to me as a person from Africa than an American, as I'd never even seen those images to even think that there are people who possibly lived this way.

Okay, strange the turns thoughts can take, because I had absolutely no intention of getting into all this. But I guess it needed to come out for some reason so there :-).

Don't you just love these bold colors and vibrant prints? There is no way one can be sad in rooms with any of these pieces. I completey enamoured with that green print, I'll take the chest or chair, or both. :-)

They have so many gorgeous things over at Svenskt Tenn, it is so worth getting lost in their world for a bit. The history of the owners is such a wonderful story as well if you have a chance to read it on their About page.

Have a lovely day!

(All images via Svenskt Tenn)


Hungry in PDX said...

I want the black pillow! I love the message on it.

Marian said...

those quotes on the pillow? WOnderful!!! Imagine being surrounded by wonderful reminders like that?

The cupboard is divine. All that color? Hello!!

Fatou said...

@ Brenda I love that quote too, and how so very true!

Fatou said...

@Marian - Hello is right. That print is beyond.