Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two Tone Walls Anyone?

Apartment Therapy is always a good source for beautiful, creative ideas, and design, and this post is no different. I came across these pictures and they totally had my attention.
via Marie Claire Maison
Okay so this wasn't from there, but I got to it following the AT trail. Its so lovely how we are all connected in this virtual world.
Decor8 via Apartment Therapy

Design*Sponge via Apartment Therapy

Design*Sponge via Apartment Therapy
via Design*Sponge
Peach is a color that I have never really gravitated towards, be it in design or fashion, but in this room it looks so gorgeous and fresh.
How beautiful, such a simple treatment to give any room a huge impact! I see the one wall painted a different color or wallpapered to be the focus point of a room, and one could argue that it's a similar idea, but the way this is carried out makes it oh so interesting. What I love about it too, is that you can do so many variations in the way you use the colors. You can use the colors in the same proportion, vertically, diagonally, as much or as little of one or the other as you please.

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Marian said...

Perfect solution to not being able to settle on one color? :)

You could not have said it any better, it does give for huge impact! Such a clever way to add depth to a space with minimal spend.
Big kiss