Saturday, November 12, 2011

To Share Or Not To Share?

So, I am on a kids room kick lately, the mind of a mother who's into design I guess. :-)
We are getting to that point where we have to decide on whether the girls share a room or have their own rooms. We have three bedrooms, one is my older daughters the second is the office/guest room and the last is ours. Right now the baby shares a room with us but she is now 9 months and pretty soon she'll need to move out, thats right, spread her wings and fly out of our room :-). My only reservation about them sharing a room right now is that I don't want her waking her older sister up in the middle of the night as she is still not sleeping through the night. If they have their own rooms then I loose my guest room and office space. What a dilemma!

via  from IKEA

via Kids Stuff World

via Little Sooti
I really love all bold colors in this room against the white walls. 
I like the idea of having an eclectic room with lots of vintage pieces.  A collection of cherished pieces, and their own art work used as decoration.

I think even if space wasn't an issue the more I think about it, I think I'd like for them to share a room growing up. I have a romanticized vision of how wonderful it will be for them - they'll grow up closer and have wonderful memories to share. That's my hope anyway.

Do any of you have your kids sharing rooms? I'd like to hear what your approach to designing the room was.

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