Monday, December 26, 2011

Green Kitchen Stories

Today, we'll be talking about a beautiful food blog, more specifically a vegetarian one.  T'is the season for good eating right? I love a good food photography, and Green Kitchen Stories has a ton of them. The food looks so good on the screen, it makes you want to eat it right off of there.

Green Kitchen Stories is a husband and wife team (I always love those), David and Luise, and their daughter Elsa (love that).  I haven't tried any of their recipes, but I will have to one of these days. As good as the food looks, it has to taste good. They are all about using fresh, organic ingredients, right up my alley.

I really admire their photography, and I can get completely lost on their site looking at all the yummy looking food.

(Images Green Kitchen Stories)


julla said...

Hey F,
These look delicious and loving the blog.....-:)

Fatou said...

Thanks Julla!! Thank you for stopping by. :)

Rachel Marie Shutterbugwriter said...

mmmm! thank you for this, Fatou! As a new food Photographer, I'm always looking for inspiration, and this is gorgeous! Have you heard of SpoonForkBacon? If not, check them out! It's a team of a food stylist and shutterbug, and the recipes are very good!

Fatou said...

Thanks Rachel, will have to check them out too. Good luck with your new journey, I know you'll be great! :-)