Monday, December 26, 2011

I Spy - RED!

Hello everyone! Did you have a nice Christmas? I had a lovely time with my family. The whole family got together, and had a lovely meal (some might say a feast), laughs, and presents. I actually wasn't feeling too great, but that didn't stop this girl from having a good time.
Okay, on to the topic of the day - bold, sexy, red!
Red is one of those colors that most have a strong reaction to, whether it be positive or negative. When it comes to interiors, I think it's safe to say that, even most red lovers would rather stay away for fear of it overwhelming them or their space.

via Elle Interior
via Marie Claire Maison
Via Living Etc

Via Marie Claire Maison

I like it used a lot or a little, its all about the pairing for me when it comes to red. I think it has to be approached with gusto, if you are gonna go bold then you must go for it, and if as an accent color then do so wisely. It is almost impossible to go wrong using it with a white background - either sparingly or in equal amounts. It also works real well with natural tones, and other bold colors like yellows, blues (that is one of my favorite combos) greens, and turquoise, another favorite pairing of mine.

via Elle Decoration

via Apartment Therapy
Via Apartment Therapy
Via Marie Claire Maison
Via Living Etc.
Via Living Etc.
This is one of the most exciting things I've seen in a VERY long time. Who thinks to paint the blinds as an accent color??? My absolute favorite thing is that the knobs on the string is painted - now that is simply brilliant!! I love this kind of outside of the box thinking.
Via Living Etc.
Via House to Home
My favorite color when it comes to painting my nails is red, bright pink is a close second. Something about it makes me feel so sexy and sassy on those days when I'm feeling drab.  It is the perfect pick me up.
Via Marie Claire Maison
Via Marie Claire Maison
I hope these gorgeous spaces left you energized, and inspired. If you have a red phobia, I hope you'll be less fearful, start small - introduce flowers, pillow (s), or a small accessory like the radio in the picture above. Have a lovely day!

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