Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have been a fan of Aphrochic for a while now. I can't lie, I was first attracted to a photo of theirs featuring a gorgeous lady, and little girl sporting some enviable fros. That drew me in, and their beautiful, colorful, products kept me hooked.

Jeanine Hays the Creative Director and founder of Aphrochic, was a former attorney who after starting an interior design blog, by the same name eventually pursued her love of it. There is a vibrancy, and exotic flair to the products that I completely adore - from their wallpaper, pillows, to dining linens.

Loving this set up, the Morccan blanket always adds a little extra to any room. I like it's use as a rug here.

I like the sketched figures and colors of these table linens, it makes it all so fun and not too serious. I get the same vibe from all the products.  Nothing is too serious, but definitely holds true to the name - they are all kinds of chic!

(Images: Aphrochic)


Simplistichic said...

Love this!

Fatou said...

Their collection is beautiful, isn't it!