Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yellow Interiors

It is no secret that I love me some yellow. Really, how can you not! It is the happiest color, and brightens up any space.  It can be loud and in your face, or soft and gentle. I like it in almost all of it hues. I am on a roll here as far as showing beautiful cheery homes go, no reason to stop now. :-)

Via Style at Home
I love how bright and airy this space is, and the combination of pink and yellow doesn't hurt at all. Pink and yellow always works - or am I biased because they are my two favorite colors.

Via Sarah Richardson
Via Sarah Richardson
If the bolder yellows are too much for you, but you still want to bring it into your space try adding it with accessories. Paint an old chair, desk, table to add to your space. You can also try the softer yellows, and combine with neutral tones. Yellow and grey also make a good pair, and when both hues are on the softer side, they create a nice soothing space. The same is true for a nice soft blue - think colors of the ocean.

Via Style at Home
This room is a great example of using a piece of furniture to get the pop of yellow. The rug has yellow stripes, but because the side table is so bright, you barely notice it. I suddenly have the urge to paint something yellow :-). I'm actually painting our entry yellow soon - can't wait to see how it looks, as I have a pretty picture made up in my head already.

Apartment Therapy Via Pinterest
 Obviously, if you have a room like this, you are not afraid of color.  One of the million things I love about room, is that even with all the stripes, and gorgeous colors, the yellow still pops, like it does so well.

This is for the person who likes things nice and mellow - mellow yellow (couldn't resist).

Via Coco & Kelly
Via Pinterest
Achados de Decoracao via Pinterest
I like how the yellow takes on a more rustic feel in the last three images. I love the use of that beautiful fabric as headboard in the first picture.

I hope you find something that has you inspired, and ready (if you already hadn't) to embrace this beautiful, welcoming color. I'd like to hear your thoughts on yellow, or any other colors that excite you like yellow does for me. Do you have a color that can instantly lift your mood?

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