Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

I think I'm becoming a blog head :-). I missed blogging after just two days. How are you all doing? Any fun plans for the weekend? It has been a busy few days of housework, schoolwork, kids stuff, and some fun house item shopping. One of my favorite things ever, that I found is this gorgeous table! I love the color of course, the nail heads, and all the arch cutouts just sealed the deal.

It was love at first sight, I actually went back to pick up a drum shaped side table that I absolutely fell in love with two days before. I did the go home and think about it trick, if you can't stop thinking about it - then you really love it! Have you done that before? I saw this on my way out, and I had to have it, left the orignal one sadly. I wish money and space wasn't an issue, and I'd have brought both of them home.

I hope your weekend is filled with lovely treasures, fun and happy times.

Have a great weekend!

(Image: Fatou Bah)

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