Friday, February 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home

"For too many people being happy at home is pretty much an abstract idea, something they can't know or imagine, until it appears on some tastemaker's must-have list, or in a magazine, or reposted on Tumblr. A home sweet home is not curated or produced by aquiring a perfect arrangement of chairs, lamps and friends. A real living space is made from living, not decorating. A bored materialist can't understand that a house has to become a home. It happens not through perfection, but through participation." - Andy and Elsa Beach

I love me a poignant quote, and this is definitely it! How true is that, so many of us fall into the category of making our spaces "perfect" forgetting to inject ourselves into them. I think the worst thing you can do while decorating is worrying about what other people would think. Is this the right way of arranging my things? Should I get this sofa because that is what the magazines are saying is cool? etc. I think no matter what one's style is, people would respond to it if it's true to them and authentic. A home is supposed to be your sanctuary, so I can't think of a better space to surround yourself with nothing but things you love.

I hope you apply this to any projects you will be working on this weekend, and beyond. I wish you a beautiful Friday and lovely weekend! :-)

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(Quote from Apartmento Magazine; Photos by Fatou Bah)

1 comment:

Marian said...

These images are wonderful. I love how you put things together, so much so that it looks like it could be in a design magazine.

also how phenomenal is that quote on what home truly is?
Thank you for the inspiration.