Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Milk House Tours

Milk the fabulous french magazine is always filled with inspiring images. You can' help but find a space that stops you in your tracks. I find that I always find something delightfully inspiring that gives me a kick start. I want to share two very different spaces, yet they both work so well and are equally gorgeous.

I love the maximalist approach in this space. It has a very easy vibe, perfect for kids. It is not too precious that you are worried about kids messing up, or breaking something. They can write on the wall and it will look like its all part of the decor. The mix of colors is gorgeous. I love that pink dresser. I love seeing shared kids spaces as I will soon need to create a space for my two girls, and a part of me is not ready to do that. My older daughter's room is probably my favorite room in the house. Her room is the first room I completed, and since then things have been removed and added. It fits her so well, and she is already at a stage where she likes to pick out little finds for her space. Just today she picked out the cutest little framed needle point for her room. I have to say I was quite proud, I have a little prodigy. :-)

I love white walls in kids rooms. I think because it works as a great canvas to layer on all the colors and patterns. I do like the simplicity and clean lines of this spaces, and the pops of pinks are brilliant.
Are you a less is more or more is more kinda person? When it comes to kids rooms what is your approach?

Have a beautiful day!

(Images Milk: here and here)


nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

Oh I hadn't heard of them before, they have adorable stuff! I really like the imperfect, vintage vibe of the first one...so cute!

Fatou said...

They have really cool stuff. Check it out when you have a chance.

Marian said...

I think I am more of a more person although sometimes I am drawn the simplicity of minimalism.
It is weird as I love both styles of children rooms equally. I really like your quote on why white walls work well for a child's room.

on another note, Miss J is definitely a stylish prodigy! Picking out needlework already? Too exciting!

Sending you love

Fatou said...

Yeah it's funny how two very different spaces can appeal to us. I think we are usually dominantly one way but something about the opposite can speak to us as well. Too much of one thing is boring, no? :-)