Monday, February 20, 2012

Peachy and Minty

Peach and mint are fast becoming colors I quite like. Mint especially, I'm borderline obsessed with right now. I've never paid attention to either color really. Something about peach was always a turn off for me, but what started my very short "like affair" are my Valentines day roses. They are the peachiest peach and incredibly gorgeous, especially when the sun light shines on them. I find that peach brings a very easy softness to spaces it's added to. It makes a nice neutral in soft tones I think.

Via Martha Stewart
Via Martha Stewart
I love love how peach is the bold color in this room. In a soft palette in pops so beautifully without being too much.
Mint on the other hand has been growing on me for a while. I started noticing how subtle it can be, and how it lends a very calm feeling to a room. I especially like it in bathrooms, and kitchens, it is a wonderful surprise when found in a kitchen. It opens up a space and makes it very fresh.

Katie Peck via Pinterest
Via Weheartit
Via House Beautiful
Now this is not a timid mint, I love how it pops out of the darker colors. I love it combined with the teal. 
Diane Anderson via Pinterest
What about you? Have you always like these two colors and have you used them in your home? If you are like me are you warming up to them?

I hope you had a lovely weekend and will have a great week! Happy Monday y'all!

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Marian said...

im so into mint green lately and these images show how truly refreshing the color can be!
I like how it looks against peach!
glam kisses

Fatou said...

I didn't realize how gorgeous it looks with peach till I started working on this!