Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Favorite Design Elements

Hello everyone! I rounded up some wonderful spaces that each have a special feature that makes them extra special. These are some of my favorite design elements done very well. Ready? Here we go.

Martha Stewart Living
There is so much going on in this space that I love, but what stands out the most is that gorgeous vintage chair. I am a sucker for a vintage chair used as a nightstand, or in a bathroom. I have actually been looking for the perfect one for my daughters' bathroom for a while now.

House to Home
The chair in this bathroom is used in a different way, and I'm loving it. More for it's color than anything else. What drew me to this bathroom though is the use of stripes with those irridescent tiles. It is a very smart and sophisticated way of doing stripes.

Style at Home
Speaking of sophisticated stripes, check out this gorgeous room. The colors are amazing, and I love how airy the space feels.

Style at Home
Okay, c'mon how can I not love this breakfast nook! Not only does it have a wonderful pop of yellow, but a painted door?! Painted doors are my newest obsession. It is one of those things we don't really think of decorating when designing a space because it is just there as a function. Painting a door in a bright color is a clever way of bring in color, and interest to a space.

House to Home

I have a soft spot for doors as headboards and I really like the use of these shutters as a headboard. I like the whole feel of this room, it is very laid back and casual. Like you could walk in and feel completely relaxed.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Marian said...

those mint stripes are just gorgeous! I like that your posts leave me inspired!
Big kiss

Fatou said...

That makes me so happy hearing you leave my blog inspired! Thank you!